,�i�����_[ �Ĝ4��b��3C��Q�r?��29m�܊J��:‘��=�Ƣ'gK���6�ά�k��T�v��T������y3�pⶔ�m7�v8d(���m National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Application Form. MiWaters (pronounced “My Waters”) is a new web-based information system recently rolled out by the DEQ’s Water Resources Division (WRD), designed to manage all of the WRD’s compliance and permitting activities in the groundwater, NPDES, aquatic nuisance, Part 41 wastewater construction, … endobj A regulated facility creates an online account and can then access various DEQ documents related to its activities, as well as see any violation(s) associated with its site. Click on your name and it will take you to the User Profile screen where you can update your legal name, title, company name and phone number, and also chose your notification delivery preference to receive email notifications from MiWaters and change your password. If the form is available electronically,a web site address is included. Click on your name and it will take you to your User Profile. EGLE, Water Resources Division, P.O. g��!Y$~�.na���Mx��YR�}���O�{���� �d/�#Gt������;�@��ݝ7s�C��UΈ���N�;dlE/ܑ^T*���ԅ+� �y��ŵ�� �}˽��]�q>�ݽ�To���n�5�_2����+���^�oz{L_U���^qD��-�O^Z ���#]N�h�μjT����4>�̑�E��[�>�Aky����O�R�Ύ��Oo�]��]�;3����iV�k�R%��_4���9͝�Mi��\/sTb�,�����k$0Ad���!��5[0����\��w�\M _�#��8�uۭRW�&�G�N#�e!r�q��)ט�rƁ��(a79Ȉ������XYt-���&���=��!�^v�߱�����C�d������B�f6˳�0̼a�8�}�v��Yn��f��T�����8�w�y�t�W:�r�A �f���T���~�(f�i��3������jf0��i~h���J��'����)G���V��r:�/�����G�����30��wuu>o2�û��A�(� !1F!N�Wh3�txq��x@g�-:0��}�0*?�����~��Zs`�ND&�i[�X�XV:#$�)-Wu&� 1��EFJ��ݼ�9{>���j^����hv����܌� dU�-�_��P�#�z)�S��(M:\��9�1� ��j��DXh���6�K��ȇ ��a�����D� B8��a�)�i]�KJGb؏�-�P���-�pݪ����Q�_V?��"�'��hE���t�� G����4��͸�!���0\�=���� ðCN���$&RU���!�`jUI+l�գ�o��"�5 �N�m�ȎX���*�����f줊�3 This form is appropriate for TWTDS that do not already have an NPDES permit for the facility in question. Type in “JPA” under “Form Name” to search for the digital Joint Permit Application. Gaylord, Michigan 49735-9282 . To remain in compliance with an NPDES permit, a permit holder must meet specified effluent limitations, fulfill monitoring and reporting requirements, and meet all other conditions of the permit. Go to MiWaters. Environmental Calendar, Events and Training, Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program, Soil Erosion and Construction Storm Water, Hazardous Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Products Management, Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate, Floodplain Management/National Flood Insurance, How to comment on a MiWaters Public Notice, Instructions on how to fill out the Joint Permit Application, Updating User Name After Legal Name Change, Obtaining Certifier Status (to submit compliance reports, schedules, permit renewals, etc. After finishing the steps, look in your email for the account activation notice. Download the Certifier Agreement Form here. See the fee schedule at. Locate the permit application form by clicking on the “Apps, Requests, Reports” link located in the left sidebar of the screen. 1251, et seq. �"gƕ�6��ΨH?�6*M�)'px���eQ��5)kUh\��T���'�%�~ -������rj��!�R@U�6a\�Yk�˩�إ)f���`(������[/�S-5tn��)�E��a|V2SL�"��p�mH���"�r^�f�+op_�a����Lb������} KD�����X�w���\���]%�R�qbcÕ�q 8n��[�|^��f��x���L�Xc��J�,���/���h[��=@H*�� ��hp>l��J�ae���a���%"^�� 1 0 obj © 2020 Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy. �&�4�h�h� ��I�-��JȰ`9��e�Fm�W@R۟+ÃH�ž3 !������ ��H���9�1L��r4�v;�rS��02�[SL�}x���4o�8�D�H�)�)^U^A't�b��uƗ7e � Basic Steps: 1. We are a client-centric boutique law firm in Muskegon, Michigan, comprised of experienced Muskegon attorneys committed to serving the legal needs of a wide variety of businesses and individuals in Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Holland, throughout West Michigan, and beyond. This form is appropriate for industrial/commercial facilities that do not already have an NPDES permit for the facility in question. Determine if there are any changes proposed for the facility which will impact the currently *authorized discharge volume and/or quality. Included in the 180 day time-frame is a 30 day public notice period allowing for public comment and input on the proposed permit and the anti-degradation demonstration. If applying for a projects in a critical dune area or high risk erosion area choose “Individual Permit”. 281 Seminole Road – 2nd FloorNorton Shores, MI 49444. Comments may be sent electronically by clicking on the "Add Comment" tab. The time expected to issue a COC will normally be significantly shorter than the time-frame to issue an individual permit. 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