And I cannot stress enough the amazing custom service trueswords offers. I bought 3 of these, one for me and two as gifts. Miyamoto was eager to learn more about the art of sword fighting so he seeks out and defeats other masters, then, later on, established his own Dojo. I cut my self cleaning the blade right after I got it out of the box. my katana wasn't sharp at all but it is a VERY VERY good sword! This is a good sword for $99, but there are 2 or 3 others on this site that are the same price that may actually be better. Im no expert but im completely impressed with this sword. Great sword no problems fast shipping will definitely buy from again. this sword is AMAZING ITS SO BEAUTIFUL its also very sharp i sliced a milk jug right in half however when i tried soda bottles they did not cut it may have something to do with pressure but then again it was my first sword test but im pretty sure it will slice through watter bottles and other milk jugs,when i slid my thumb up the blade to see just how sharp it was within 5-7 secs it cut my finger maybe even quicker i dont remember and i sertanly dont want to do that again it looks great along with my musashi velvet sword stand! At my store an employee tried to scratch the Ji-hada with his Spyder-Co knife and could not make a mark . (Now passed on Owari-Yagyū kenjutsu group.) It's exactly as most of these reviewers have said. the saya is beautiful. Worth it in this instance. This is my 13th sword. Considering the quality of this sword, the price is a steal. It is sharp enough to due some damage and appears exactly as pictured. I've had it for a few weeks now. For the money this has to be the best sword I have purchased. It should be understood that Musashi's writings were very ambiguous, and translating them into English makes them even more so; that is why so many different translations of The Book of Five Rings can be found. This was the beginning of his niten'ichi sword style. The hamon was my main concern. I put the sword to work as I normally do (water jugs and 3 liter soda bottles) and realized that the blade didn't come very sharp. He especially mastered the "broken ink" school of landscapes, applying it to other subjects, such as his Kobokumeikakuzu ("Shrike Perched on a Withered Branch"; part of a triptych whose other two members were "Hotei Walking" and "Sparrow on Bamboo"), his Hotei Watching a Cockfight, and his Rozanzu ("Wild Geese Among Reeds"). Thank you true swords your the best!! I would buy again. To use this one-handed will take some serious muscle. The next mention of him has him arriving in Kyoto at the age of 20 (or 21), where he began a series of duels against the Yoshioka School. A variant of this second theory is based on the fact that the tombstone states that Omasa gave birth to Musashi on 4 March 1584, and died of it. Thus the true way of strategy is becoming decadent and dying out. How did Musashi become one of the legendary Samurai of all times? from Hirafuku. Amazing. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I started with some large juice bottles and it just shaved layers about 1/2 inch wide all the way down to the base of the bottle. trueswords they are honest with what they say about an item,

9. Musashi saw that as an opportunity to show his skills once again in a battlefield. was based around his life and personality. You cannot cut down a man with a long sword using this method. Buy an accusharp if you plan on using this sword. So that was expected.

The sword is very light and tight, no rattles, came oiled and sharpened....or did it.


Only bad thing and it might just be mine, there's a little section on the blade that isnt razor sharp, it'll still cut but the sharpness doesnt match the rest of the blade.

Dont care for the corny "musashi" and "made in china" on the tsuba either, but for 80 bucks i can overlook it.

All in all i love the sword, it wasnt damaged or anything, it could be sharpe, but still worth the money. I can't wait for the zombie apocalypse now. Straight out of the box I was able to slice a 1/2" strip off a milk jug after the top had been cut off already...! Swung it around several times and nothing at all loosened up. I've see a lot less on more expensive swords. Razor sharp, so user needs to beware. All the good things about this sword that everyone has already mentioned are true. I am beyond pleased.

The only recommendation I have is to go ahead and get the cleaning kit when you buy this sword. I had my doubts that the Hamon was real, thinking it was just wirebrushed quite well. It worth it to get it. A real hamon on an $80 Dollar blade.
This blade cuts great, enough said. Throughout history, there were many groups that were able to influence society. i just got this sword yesterday and let me tell u, this sword is a work of art it's beautiful and deadly. infact I wont test cut with this at all because of how nice it looks on my wall. Wonderful customer service team. the tsuba is very well made(even made by machine) and very sturdy. This has no comparison to those "display" swords I have handled in the past, making me assume a quality Katana was beyond my price range. The fittings are tight. This is the first shinken I have owned, and I am left speechless. It was the book called the Go Rin no Sho (五輪書) or the Book of Five Rings. Eiji Yoshikawa's novelization (originally a 1930s daily newspaper serial) has greatly influenced successive fictional depictions (including the manga Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue) and is often mistaken for a factual account of Musashi's life. According to the book, Miyamoto was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. This was my first sword. Musashi would officially become the retainer of the Hosokowa lords of Kumamoto in 1640. The Mimasaka graves are located in the precincts of Musashi Shrine. But anyways back to overview. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. Needless to say I was a little let down but LET that one go bc that was my first fully functional katana. These are practices originating from Europe that were once taught and... Japanese swordsmiths have helped Japan throughout history; they’ve created swords that have played an important role in Japan’s history. He always criticizes the lessons of his father and would often talk back. Ever. He went back to his Dojo to teach his students his unique and remarkable techniques. It's the strongest sword I own so far. The price is great. For 90$, i don't think the sword could have been any better, and the shipping was extremely fast- I pretty much got it within 2 days after i ordered. I'm just trying to figure out why my Japanese Musashi was made in China. But ive got to say excelent i cut the big wate bottles from top to bottom and laid over like you were felaing a fish bad sharp so dont run your finger down the blade unless you dont wont it any more. The blade is well crafted and looks razor sharp as described. Greetings fellow swordsmen,
First of all, this is a genuine review from a first-time katana buyer. Denshichirō wielded a staff reinforced with steel rings (or possibly with a ball-and-chain attached), while Musashi arrived late a second time. This second scenario is laid out in an entry to the Tasumi family's genealogy. I was totally impressed with their fast shipping, quaility of product, priceing. He caught Arima off guard continuously beat him until death. The fit and finish is on par with other swords i own that are over twice the cost. If you have any questions about the quality of this particular katana or the customer service of True Swords, rest assured; both will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Great quality Katana! After the duel was over, Musashi became so popular that a lot of Samurai enrolled in his school. From further reading into the book, the idea of "weapons within strategy" as well as Musashi referring to the power of the writer may seem that the strategy that Musashi refers to does not exclusively reside within the domain of weaponry and duels, but within the realm of war and battles with many men: Just as one man can beat ten, so a hundred men can beat a thousand, and a thousand can beat ten thousand. It is said that he may have studied at the Yoshioka-ryū school, which was also said to be the school Musashi defeated single-handedly during his later years, although this is very uncertain. yes my friend it was hand made like they said, this blade is is a great value, and can be taken apart easy, Also let me move on to why buy from trueswords?

1. However, the tsuba has some stamping marks. The leader agreed and assigned Musashi’s son as the personal bodyguard of Tadatoki, his son. (No pun intended).
To sum this up---I AM IN AWE!! the ito first off is ver nice and easy to get used to. This sword is simply designed and that is where it's beauty lies. a very nice sword and I still can't believe the price!!!!!! "Bennosuke" often worked the fields there before his restless nature eventually led him to the life of the sword. No creaks, no clicks---Tight in the handle, NO wobble! The sword is everythign they say it is razor sharp it cut thore paper and bottels easy with my test, the ray skin is real, the hamon really got me it was really, the blade was not half tang but full tang!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blade and fittings come together well, the blade doesn't rattle in it's furniture like most cheaply made "swords" at this price. Although it is difficult, Musashi agrees that there are times in which the long sword must be used with two hands, but one whose skill is good enough should not need it. The first battle (the Winter Battle of Osaka; Musashi's fourth battle) ended in a truce. And it's a true differentially hardened blade with a VERY attractive Hamon, something absolutely unheard of at this cost. The historian Kamiko Tadashi, commenting on Musashi's text, notes: "Munisai was Musashi's father ... he lived in Miyamoto village, in the Yoshino district [of Mimasaka Province]. Jutte techniques were taught to him by his father—the jutte was often used in battle paired with a sword; the jutte would parry and neutralize the weapon of the enemy while the sword struck or the practitioner grappled with the enemy. As with any other technique in the Ni-Ten Ichi Ryu: If you try to wield the long sword quickly, you will mistake the way. When he wrote the book, the majority of houses in Japan were made of wood. I would recomend this blade and True swards to anybody looking for an affordable alternative to more expensive swards. Munisai (Musashi's father) passes his teachings onto Musashi. After traveling with different cities, he found himself staying at the castle town where his father now lived. This was my biggest gripe in the lesser expensive Musashi Katana's I own. And I live several states away. That does not mean he actually taught the grip with only two fingers. I was really surprised at how light and balanced it is. When one of the Samurai, who was just passing by named Arima Kihei challenged the local swordsman in their area. Property For Sale In Gran Canaria, 17" Steering Wheel Cover, 2016 Honda Pilot Electrical Problems, Academic Heights Public School Indore, Range Rover Off-road Extreme, Lola Movie 2012, Mustang Car Price, Ryan Trainor Net Worth, Best World Music Album Grammy 2019 Nominees, Comments comments" />
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