size 305 & 325/30R19. I want to see how tracking improves with initial changes before moving to bigger changes. How about an RA1? However, some of that could be attributed to a damp autocross parking lot surface versus a dedicated road course. They are 205 50 15 and feel better than the Falken Azenis I had on there. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Drivers who use the RR, and have Toyo Tires stickers on their car, can earn Toyo Bucks, which helps buy tires for the next event. I was going to go with R888s in 295/305 stagger setup after doing my own research, but the 295 is on national back order and I have an event next weekend. On the other hand, a few giant boxes that had fallen onto the middle lanes of Interstate 5 set out to further prove the capabilities of the R888R tires, as I had to check my surroundings and throw the car into the next lane in a matter of what felt like milliseconds. We wanted to test the Toyo Proxes R888R in a wet setting, so when the clouds darkened, we headed to an SCCA autocross to dodge some cones and see how the tires did. Wears like iron, very difficult to overheat or get greasy, and actually gets faster as it wears so you can get useful life all the way to cords. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and were not frozen. I think if I changed the camber plates between events. In the end, they rewarded Shawn with a First-place PAX finish in the CSP class and Third overall in RAW time. The SM6 is now required for SCCA Spec Miata while NASA is still using the RA1s until 2015 which is how long the current Toyo/NASA contract is.[/quote']. There is a reason why the spec miata racers protested and stopped using them going back to RA1s. © 2020 Power Automedia. I run Cup2’s on road course which you can’t go wrong with and tread wear with some minor wetness on the ground is a better choice. So that’s exactly how I tested it. If you considered RE-11 and Star Spec, ever thought about Hankook RS-3? Its redesigned, asymmetrical tread pattern utilizes large tread blocks on the outside for better cornering and a water evacuation channel to help maintain grip in damp conditions. My set of RE-71r still had some tread on them so I tested them at Sebring. Compounds are the same, but the tread pattern on the R888 is better (Toyo and Nitto are the same company). They started sticking after the first couple of turns, and I was able to hammer on them after that. The internal structure of the R888R is very similar to the RR. While I expect their lateral grip to be excellent as well, I don’t have any track experience with them but they have done great on cloverleaf on/off ramps. When temperatures get too hot for the tire, beyond 220-degrees Fahrenheit, then they can provide a slick feel. How Many Awards Has Blackpink Won, Mens Clothing Brand Ambassador Uk, Ray Manzarek Bass, Exorcism Rite English, Uranium Superhero Names, Comments comments" />
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