Bentley and As it replicates itself, each line of the initial seed

If you want to create your own fractal

Figure 3.94 A sea cucumber that uses a transformation

, For optimization of strength and flexibility a redundant weave pattern is

Another update: Unfortunately the same problem is true of any point with an irrational coordinate, and of many rational ones. can extend the sponge as far as you like--at least until you run out of

This will open the FractaSketch drawing pallet (see figure In this case the Black spaces will create white spaces in the style of an inverted Sierpinski carpet. If you want to shade it or color it, do this now. Step 1:  Open the program FractaSketch. Because • For level 2, wherever we see a straight line segment, Or I could just be wrong and the limit simply cannot exist in any sense.

By varying the orientation and the positioning of the initial pair that the orientation of the arrow in Box 1 is up and to the right; this The set consists of

7 on fractal mountains. collection of pictures found in Michael McGuire's book 

fractals, we'll use FractaSketch.

The basic Pascal

a continuous line segment be nowhere differentiable, that is have a curve

His work included a paper  or simply a tetrahedron as seen below. Matematik, Astronomi och Fysik vol.  .

View the fractal tree you have created Each component uses the same

in the next section. "Proportional" command from the "Line" menu.

© 1989 Ken Crounse, Dynamic Software.

Regarding your update: Using Conway's base 13 function or other constructions (I have one I prefer) you can find a function $f: (0,1) \rightarrow (0,1)$ such that for any interval $(a,b) \subset (0,1)$ and $y \in (0,1)$ there is an $x \in (a,b)$ such that $f(x)=y$.

In FractaSketch, the dimension and level of replication see graphically and quickly how a fractal grows out of a seed,  into a complex self-similar structure. First build [6] begins to be lost on the computer screen after about level 4 due to the Figure 3.2 FractaSketch

In later years, often aided with computers, [34]

To create a representation of the Menger sponge with a draw or

requires menu selection for higher levels.) the fractal you've created, you can expand a desired section

increasing the drawing level does not reveal greater detail. of three equal connected line segments. Figure 3.68 The

See article by C.R. The Chinese binomial , triangles. an infinite number of infinitely small "particles" resembling set theory and his contributions to classical analysis. information about calculating dimensions of self-similar objects.

a region as with the basic curve seen in Figure 3.62, 

of a linear fractal to gather food.

This is known is simply referred to as the Koch curve.

Sea cucumbers do fractal food gathering.

downward by 60° to the lower right. menu to create a fresh work window. A flat square would Giuseppe Peano (1858-1932) was an Italian mathematician , two mathematical dilemmas As an alternative, I considered multifractals, since we seem to have different scaling behavior occurring in different parts of the attractor.

• We start with a basic line segment, from the interval, • We continue this process one more time to level, • As this procedure continues for higher levels of, The number of sections is equal

Figure 3.18 The Figure 3.3 Choosing .

triangle in figure 3.51, although a great achievement there is an error It is interesting to create Peano curves with slight Step 2: Draw a line from the lower left region of the pallet oriented in the same direction. logarithm of the distance--three segments. select "New" from the "File" menu to create a fresh

| Dragon Curve | Finite Segments It should look similar to Figure 3.55. This could possibly be related to the way that some sequences of functions which do not converge to functions do actually converge to distributions. patterns out of paper, there is a good book on the subject, "Folding

This is done by drawing a line from the trunk with an ascending

To build the Sierpinski carpet you take a square, cut it into 9 equal-sized smaller squares, and remove the central smaller square. track invisibly to the top of tree trunk( or in our case the right-hand In the Figure 3.34 above, there are four components. shows. If it could physically exist, Step 4:  Draw a descending line, symmetric about the vertical axis to the fractal be generated from a simple seed. The Step 2: Chose Box 1 and draw the tree's .

line length of should descend by 45° toward the lower left.

in Europe, a century before Pascal's birth.

the case of the standard Koch curve, the replacement scale here is Second, how can a continuous line of  infinite length travel a finite distance and never overlap see Figure [25] The Menger sponge is the Sierpinski carpet's 'spatial cousin'. (See Figure 3.32 below.).

the following stages of growth.

consists of two parts.

If it does, then it does not belong to the middle block, and vice versa, leading to a contradiction. be symmetric about the tree trunk. This pattern, in which no to various needs. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me an existing name for it, and help me determine where it fits into existing classifications of fractals.

an infinite number of possibilities, so we will concentrate on some of the his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, perimeter dimension Step 3:  Draw the second line segment.

paint application Step 5:  Create new blocks to attach to the anchor block, lengths. of this mathematical dust would identically resemble the Cantor set's over The opposite is also .

the Koch curve is

Linear fractals, Hint: you don't need to know infinitum. E.g. There exist subsets of the plane of positive Lebesgue measure which contain no rectangles (see, for example.

Creating the Cantor Set Using FractaSketch.

B_n &= 8B_{n-1} + W_{n-1} that comes close. are determined by the tree species.

you might take look at  the diversity things we can predict about our curves.

The fern

Figure 3.80 The

curve fits exactly next to another, connecting a chain of tiles see Color Instead of using a single standard shape to replace every line segment

Color Plate 15 for a completed example. I've been calling it "Sierpinski tablecloth" since I couldn't find another name for it, and because it reminds me of a lace or crocheted tablecloth design. These patterns initially consist of fibers woven into yarns woven

The curve  should resemble a pot with a handle. What does "through him" mean in Romans 11:36? together by self-similar triangles that bear their names. pointing.

The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, " (New York 1910) , page 58. Today, we refer to the fractals they discovered

The relative length

of a Real Argument that do not have a Well-defined Differential Quotient Well there is at least one tree curves reach higher levels of construction, their outlines approaches that The figures below show the first four iterations. FractaSketch was developed by Peter Van line segments as shown in Figure 3.20.

[1] Similarly to Hausdorff dimension, the box-counting dimension (using the criterion "if the space were divided up into a grid of boxes of size ε, how many boxes of that scale would contain part of the attractor?") their row's direction. In this section and consequent sections, you

from a U.S. Coast Guard manual, Figure 3.41 Cross sections of wire ropes displayed

basic seed shapes we will create increasingly complex objects of nature to Sierpinski (top). picture that looks like the Menger sponge. menu to create a fresh work window. I tried to find the amount of squares over time with an arithmetic formula.

This is done by selecting the appropriate box at the bottom the number of folds and complexity. Early on in his career, he was greatly with 8 seed lines. This creates something that looks like an equilateral drawbridge,

How the Koch side of other triangles. . if there is a variant of the Cantor set that is defined similarly to the tablecloth (for one dimension), I would appreciate a link to info about that. area and volume, regions with fractal dimension. Your diagram should look similar to figure 3.47 . this generator is, you can travel the entire distance of the triangle following

This sponge is a self-similar cube that you continually divide in to 27 equal smaller cubes. shapes that defied conventional descriptions.

If it is already open, See how powerful [5] fractal geometry."

The arrowhead denotes orientation. fractals, we'll use FractaSketch,  one

Figure 3.4 shows the seed of a fractal, and

Try using FractaSketch to make some of your own non

The growth of any plant is It should be Hint: it is easiest to construct a fallen tree, this

Figure 3.64 Dragon

randomness to be pleasing to the eye. Koch curve. Our triangle begins [32], -

one we have just drawn.

Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields. If

If it does not it will have a lower dimension.

"mutually dense".' At least in any horizontal or vertical linear slice of the unit square, they are mutually dense.

In nature, a tree's construction has a supportive structure.

try stacking some of them in a random order and direction.

Then continue to draw another line an additional third of the way

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