Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Backpack

Learn How to Assemble and Use Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

The Ameda Purely Yours breast pump offers breastfeeding mother’s the opportunity to continue feeding their baby breast milk.  Ameda has several different options to choose from so mom’s are able to find a breast pump that meets your needs and budget.  They are a closed motor system and the AirLock Protection system keeps breast milk from harmful contaminants that can grow in some breast pumps and tubing.  Learn how to properly assemble and use the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump.


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Learn the Names of the Breast Pump Parts

1. Tubing Adapter – The tubing adapter attaches to the base of the breast pump motor.  The tubing adapter has a cap to close off one tubing so that you can use the breast pump as a single sided breast pump.  This part doesn’t need to be washed.

2. Tubing – The tubing attaches your breast shields to the motor.  Note: Do not wash or boil this part.

3.  Diaphragm –  The diaphragm is a silicone tube that acts as a protective barrier keeping contaminants away from your breast milk.  It also keeps the milk from backing up into the tubing. Place the diaphragm into the breast shield.

4.  Adapter Cap – The adapter cap is a small white plastic piece.  It fits over the top of the diaphragm and into the breast flange.  The tubing attaches to the adapter cap.  Do not wash or boil this part.

5.  Breast Shield – The breast shield or flange is a clear plastic piece that looks similar to a funnel.  The diaphragm and adapter cap attaches to the top of the flange.  And the valve goes on the bottom.  Place the funnels on your breasts when you are ready to pump.

5.  Valves – The valves are small white pieces, that attach to the bottom of the breast shield.  Gently push the valve to avoid damage.

6.  Bottle – The bottle attaches to the bottom of the breast shield.  Carefully screw the bottle onto it.

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