LED Dewdrop Starry String Lights #SeasonaDecorativLigh

Note: This is a review post for a product we recently received and liked.
lighttedgreenThis past week we had the privilege of reviewing a great little set of battery operated lights. The first thing we noticed right away was the rugged construction of something that was so small. The copper wires are attractive and the design is not like anything we have seen to date.

The Design

The copper wires are stiff enough to allow you to softly bend them and they stay where you want them to stay. This allows someone to really design with them any way they would like. The lights almost look like water drops on the copper wires and really have a nice country appeal. We put ours in a jar and could easily move them around just the way we wanted them to be.

The Lights

The little lights were shockingly bright. Even though they are probably a fourth of the size of a small Christmas light they still put out just about the same amount of light. When turning off the lights you can really see them shine.

The Size

When the 2 sets of lights came in the mail they were in a tiny box. This is why it was so surprising how long they really were. Once stretched out the light sets expanded to over 8 feet long. We were shocked to say the least. This was a lot of lights in a very small package.


All in all this was a pleasantly surprising light set. They were bright, long, and looked really nice. We have already started thinking of different ways we can make use of this handy little set.
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Do you ever use accent lighting for decorating?

Will you use accent lighting in the next 12 months for some sort of craft?