Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

Today we have Emma to write a guest post for us. Emma is the CEO at Kimi Dog, the wholesale kids clothing company. She knows everything about children’s clothing.

Hi, I’m Emma, today I’m going to talk about is it okay to let our kids choose their clothes.

Clothes may not be important to children because they don’t care about them. They care more about toys and cartoons than what clothes to wear. But as they get older, they start to care about their clothes.

My son is five years old now, according to my personal experience, he has been consciously choosing his clothes since he was four years old. My husband and I had some debates recently about my son choosing his clothes. He thought it would take to long to let him choose his clothes.

My husband was brought up by his grandma for some reason, and he remembers that he had no choice in what to wear as a child because his grandmother couldn’t afford too many clothes. According to his own experience, he can’t understand that I let our son choose his clothes.

Years ago, kids didn’t have many choices, and their opinions were often ignored, parents made choices for them. However, I think giving kids a chance to make their own decision helps them express themselves. If you always suppress your kids’ thoughts and opinions, it will discourage them from expressing themselves. It can be detrimental to their education and work when they grow up. We need to respect children’s right to express themselves.

I discuss it with my son when he makes the wrong choice. For example, he likes wearing slippers and often refuses to wear sneakers. When we go hiking or climbing, I tell him that we should wear sneakers to protect our feet. It also gives me a chance to tell him, we have to choose different clothes for different occasions and activities.

My son likes to mix and match different styles of clothes. My brother left a hat at my house. My son loves this hat and often wears it. You may never dress your child in adult clothes, but he is creative when he mixes them. Sometimes, his clothing matching is unattractive. I think it doesn’t matter. We all want our kids to look cute, but I don’t think cute is as important as creative.

It was a good way for kids to practice dressing themselves by letting our kids choose their clothes. And it worked out well. When my son insisted on wearing what he wanted, I told him, you can select your clothes, but if you’re going to wear them, you have to put them on by yourself.

We all want our children to look cute, but I don’t think it’s important to be attractive. For my son, I’d rather see him learn to express themselves, be creative, and become more independent. But just dressing them up cute has nothing to do with these personalities.

Start from today, try to let your kids choose their clothes. If time-limited in the morning, you could let your kids choose their clothes before going to bed.