Medela Pump in Style Backpack

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style BackpackThe Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack (PIS) is a double electric breast pump, that is in a stylish backpack.  It is a trendy black backpack with yellow trim.  The breast pump weighs about 7 pounds and is easy to carry.  The backpack easily fits on your shoulder for easy carrying.  It is designed to hold all your breast pump accessories for your pumping sessions while at home or while your away.  The motor for the pump can’t be removed from the backpack.
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Why is 2-Phase Expression Technology an Important Feature on the Medela Pump In Style(PIS) Advanced Breast Pump?

This medela breast pump features the 2-Phase Expression technology, which is designed to imitate a babies sucking motion.  When a baby first starts sucking on the breast, they use a fast motion to stimulate the milk.  Once the milk is flowing then, the baby switches to a slower, deeper sucking motion. This helps mothers express milk effectively and in an efficient manner.  The first two minutes of the pumping session is called the “let-down” feature, which simulates the babies fast sucking.  After the two minutes, it will switch to the slower “expression” cycle.  You can also, use the “let-down” feature button, to trigger another “let-down” if needed.  The pump also contains a dial that controls the suction and can be set to the desired maximum comfort vacuum level.

Medela Has Several Options for Your Pumping Convenience

The Medela Pump in Style advanced allows you to pump using an AC adapter or a battery pack.  The battery pack option does require 8AA batteries.  The battery pack option is a great feature to have if there is a power outage, for traveling, or if there isn’t an electrical outlet where you pump at.  However, the batteries do seem to drain rather quickly and would need to be replaced often; thus, adding to your monthly expenses.  Medela does offer a 9 Volt Vehicle lighter adapter (car charger) that can be purchased separately.  The car adapter would allow you to conveniently pump in your car while you are on the go.

Medela Pump in Style Warranty Information

Medela offers a one year warranty on the Pump in Style Advance double electric breast pump.  However, this pump is designed for a single person use.  If more than one person uses the pump, it will VOID the warranty.  This electric breast pump is designed for frequent daily use.  It can easily handle multiple pumping sessions each day.  Also, it can even be used for more than one child; therefore, it would be a great investment if you plan on breastfeeding more than one baby.

How Much Money Can Breastfeeding Save?

Breastfeeding can save a family an average of $700 to over $3,000 dollars a year, depending on the amount of formula you have to buy your child.  The breast pump can easily pay for itself in the first few months of ownership.  Not only is the Pump in Style Advance a cheap breast pump; but, it is also the most popular Medela Double Electric Breast Pump.

Medela Products are Free of Harmful Contaminants

All of the Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk are Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) free.  These products are harmful to a baby.  They often leach out of plastic when the bottles are heated.

The pump includes the following:

  • AC adapter
  • Battery Pack
  • Milk Storage Bottles
  • 24mm PersonalFit Breast Shields
  • 2 Valves
  • 4 Membranes
  • Contour Ice Pack
  • Tubing
  • Storage Cooler
  • 4 – 5oz Bottles
  • Backpack Carrying Case
  • Instructions and Breastfeeding Information Guide

Purchasing Additional Breast Pump Accessories and Parts Is A Wise Investment

The pump does include everything that you need to get started pumping right away.  However, most mothers invest in additional accessories and parts for convenience.  If your milk output suddenly drops, the first thing to check is the membranes and valves.  If these parts become torn or cracked, it will greatly reduce your suction on your pump.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced On the Go Tote

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The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote. Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump is also available in an “On the Go Tote” Bag.  Note: The Medela Pump in Style Advanced On The Go Tote has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  There are limited quantities available.

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