Medela Pump in Style Metro Bag

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro Bag Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Metro Bag

Breast pumps are a lifesaver for mothers returning to work and those experiencing problems with lactating. In the past, moms had to use their hands to express  milk which was a time-consuming task. It could be frustrating too, sometimes yielding precious little milk. The arrival of the breast pump means that moms can guarantee their infants get nature’s best – breast milk.

Medela – an Industry Leader
Each brand breast pump has its own pros and cons, but moms love the Medela brand because its a brand whose primary focus is breast feeding. The multi-award winning company was founded in 1961, and their commitment to quality products has made them the industry leader.
Their breast milk bottles are made with BPA-free plastic and come in a variety of sizes. BPA-free plastic is an important feature with Medela breast pumps. BPA or bisphenol-A is a toxic chemical which can lead to serious health conditions. That is why it is advised not to use polycarbonate bottles for breast milk as they may contain BPA.

Medela Pump In Style Advance Metro Bag Breast Pump is a great option in under$350 category. Let’s read about it in detail. 

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro (Medela 57036) bag breast pump offers a double electric breast pump in a convenient metro bag which is similar to a diaper bag.  It discretely allows a mother to carry her breast pump around without people knowing what it is.  It is a black fashion bag with yellow trim.  It is easy to carry on your shoulder and weighs roughly 8.5 pounds.

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Contains Removable Breast Pump Motor

The motor is removable in this breast pump model giving your added flexibility.  In many other models, the pump is not removable and renders the pump useless if the bag tears or you have to place the torn/broken bag into another larger bag.  However,  if this bag tears or isn’t large enough for your needs, then you can easily place it in another bag.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Uses 2-Phase Expression Technology

It uses the 2 Phase Expression Technology to effectively pump breast milk.  The 2-Phase technology imitates how a baby suckles on the breast.  The first phase is the faster pumping which tells your body to “let-down” the milk, a baby does when they are first put to the breast to get the milk flowing.  The baby will rapidly suckle on the breast.  Then after about two minutes, the pump will then switch to the 2 phase of pumping.  The second phase imitates the long, deep, and slower suckling motions that a baby does to draw the milk out of the breast after the milk lets down.  This will pull the hind milk out of the breast.  The pump has a “let-down” button, that when pushed the pump will return to the first phase pumping technique.  It also has a maximum comfort vacuum level so that you can adjust the suction power to your comfort level.

Worried about Cleanliness – Don’t Worry Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro Bag Has It Covered!

If you are worried about cleanliness of the surfaces that you place your pump accessories where you pump, then this is the pump for you.  The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro Bag has a removable work surface to place your breast pump accessories on so that they don’t touch unclean surfaces.  It also contains a mesh bag to place your breast shields, membranes, and valves in.  This keeps them neat and organized inside your Metro Bag.  The pump also comes with a cooler and ice pack to place your milk filled bottles in after you have collected milk from your breasts.   The ice pack will keep your milk cool for up to 12 hours.

Power Choices for Your Breast Pump

The Medela Pump in Style double electric breast pump uses one of the following methods of power to operate the pump: AC power adapter, battery pack which uses 8 AA batteries, or a 9V Vehicle Lighter Adapter (car charger).  The car charger doesn’t not come with the pump; however, it can be purchased separately.

Warranty Information for Your New Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast pump has a one year manufactures warranty.  It is also considered a single user breast pump.  If more than one person uses the pump, it automatically voids the warranty.

Some of the Pump’s Attractive Features:

● totally portable – multi-purpose, PVC-free microfiber messenger bag. The spacious shoulder bag with its nifty inner compartments allows room for all those accessories and personal items.
● bags are made from PVC-free microfiber – easy to clean
● includes: storage bottles, ice pack, carrying case, membranes, level 1 nipples, connector valves, battery pack, AC adapter, breast shields.
– breast shields are 24mm/0.9in in diameter. Medela advises you to first use the medium size shields that come with the pump. If your nipples are sore you can check out other size breast shields such as –
– 21mm/0.8in (small)
– 27mm/1.1in (large)
– 30mm/1.2in (XL)
– 36mm/1.4in (XXL)
● number of pumps – double pump system. You can also choose to only pump one breast by simply switching to the single pumping option
● create more milk in less time with the 2-Phase Expression technology – this technology mimics a baby’s sucking pattern. The 1st phase is known as stimulation while the 2nd phase is known as the  expression phase . With Medela pumps you can customize your pumping pattern and alternate between the stimulation- and expression phases.
● power source – electric and battery powered
● quiet and discreet pumping
● removable work surface
● removable pump motor
● care and cleaning:  dishwasher safe – top rack only
● the Metro Bag  offers transport flexibility
● you can use the battery anytime you need. Batteries are not included. The battery pack with soft pouch uses 8 AA alkaline batteries. You’ll get 2 hours of  pumping time. An optional 9m vehicle lighter adapter is available
● the speed/vacuum dial allows mom to choose a comfortable setting
● 2 sizes of PersonalFit Breastshields 24mm & 27mm
● 4 BPA-free breast milk bottles of 5oz each with lids – travel caps included for storage. The bottles come with 4 wide base nipple collars as well as 4 slow flow wide base nipples.
●  PVC-free cooler bag – keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours
● instructions and breastfeeding information guide

The pump includes the following:
  • Messenger Bag
  • Cooler Carrier
  • Battery Pack (AA Batteries Not Included)
  • 4 – 5oz Medela Breastmilk Bottles
  • 4 – Lids
  • Travel Cap
  • Wide Base Slow-Flow Nipple
  • 2 Valves
  • 4 Membranes
  • Tubing
  • Contoured Ice Pack
  • 2 Mesh Storage Bags
  • Removable Work Surface
  • 2 – 24mm SoftFit Breastshields



It is a great idea to have some extra breast pump accessories and parts on hand. The membranes need to be replaced on a regular basis or sometimes they were develop a tear, which will affect the suction on your breast pump.  Thus,  you will yield less milk.  Also, many mothers have more than one set of breast shields to rotate so that you don’t have to wash the parts so often or they keep a spare set in their Metro Bag.

Pros and Cons:

The main use of the pump which is to get as much milk as possible was a huge draw card. Users all o agreed that this pump, one of Medela’s most popular, worked extremely well for them. As always, some people niggled about the price, but when you get so much, the price is bound to be a bit higher.

Certifications:        Meets CPSC Standards

Star Rating:            4.4 stars out of 5

Warranty:               1 year limited on motor, 90 days limited on other parts
Prices:                      range from $259 to $359 thereabouts – depends of where you buy from.

Insurance:              Check out if your health plan covers breast pumps. Contact your health plan’s                                        member services to find out.

Customer Reviews:

Do research and you’ll find glowing reports for this breast pump. Remember that no customer reviews are endorsements – just opinions from people who have used the product and who want to provide input on their personal experience. There were one or 2 negative reviews but these weren’t on the breast pump itself, but more towards the bag. One customer said that they had called Medela about a part that came off the pump. Medela’s response was superb. They replaced the entire pump for them. Most customers simply called the product brilliant, saying that the brilliant customer services go hand in hand with this leading name.

Summing up everything, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro Bag Breast Pump is a great product from a leading brand and it delivers on its promises.