When Should I Switch My Baby From a Bottle to a Sippy Cup?

One Year Old
One Year Old

When I took my son to his 9 month old well baby check up, his doctor told me that she wanted to make sure that he was off the bottle around his first birthday.  I really didn’t think this was going to be possible to wean him from the bottle by the time he was a year old but it was easier than I expected it to go.  I was planning on weaning him from the bottle after his first birthday but I really wasn’t trying to rush him or force him to grow up to fast.  I was a bit sad when his doctor suggested transitioning to the sippy cup because that meant that he was growing up and becoming a toddler.

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Time to Purchase a Sippy Cup for My Baby

I went home and was puzzled by his doctors comment since I was never told to wean to wean my other children by a certain age before.  However, I gave it some thought and decided to try offering my son a sippy cup.  So that we could see if we were going to be able to accomplish this task by his first birthday.  I went to the store and purchased him a sippy cup.  His first sippy cup had handles on it so that he could easily grasp it with his hands.

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