Sappy Mother’s Day! Nah!

Optimized-14003556983_e9f71fd9de_zJust because I put an ‘awww’ worthy picture in the beginning doesn’t mean the article would be a saccharine coated piece, that was just to lure the emotional mommy in you! Please don’t expect a sappy and sobby article about Mother’s Day, you will be neck deep in one of those today.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being a Mom. Motherhood is all about amazement and Joy and Fun, ok, got a little carried away with the fun element, usually it is a little scarce! But we will all agree that it is an absolute blessing (this is what we have to say out loud when the kids are wrecking havoc in the house and inside your skull.)

We thought why not take a detour and instead of the usual mush and weepy posts let’s tickle the funny bone of the bone weary moms! Here’s our collection of some funny images, they may be funny but believe me they are bang on point! Try not to get offended by it all, if you do, well then so be it!

Optimized-stretch marks

Aww, Darling! I don’t blame you sweet pea! But I am not going to forgive all those creams and lotions that promised me I won’t get any!

Optimized-Leaving in a basket

God, No way sweetheart, although I was tempted a few times, ok more than a few times. Remember the next time you don’t finish your veggies, mommy has options! I know you won’t fit in a basket, never mind, I will think of something up!

Optimized-Toys in living room

Absolutely, that’s the stuff I live for, cleaning the living room ten times a day. Any less and my day seems oh-so-dull!

Optimized-Mothers day

That really sums it up nicely, doesn’t it!

Optimized-Happy mothers day cleaning

Oh, well! That seems about right. This is how my mother’s day will end, although her kids seem a tad tidy compared to mine, sigh!

Just for fun, let’s do a pros and cons table for motherhood. Oh, stop acting as if I have said something profane! Fine, I will end it with a sappy note so that everyone will be happy.

[table id=7 /]

I know, I said pros and cons table but there’s no pros in sight. Well there’s your sappy message, you are a mom and that one word is sufficient to fill all the ‘pros’ columns in the world, happy now!

J.D Salinger said, Mothers are all slightly insane. Well, you got it buddy, you have hit the nail right on spot. If we weren’t slightly (or more than slightly for a few of us, like me) we wouldn’t survive. So, to all you gorgeous moms out there who are dressed delightfully in sweats and embellished with specks of spit up and crayons and dancing to the subtle tunes of wheels on the bus, well, enjoy while it lasts! Turns out we wouldn’t trade this beautiful phase for a billion dollars, ok, maybe not a billion but yeah you get the gist!

Don’t forget to share what special plans the apple of your eye had for you! That phrase never made any sense to me, why apple? I am sure it must have been coined by a mom, as usual trying to sneak in fruits in the diet even if it meant verbal diet!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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