No Need to Skimp on Your Medication with SearchRx

Millions of Americans rely heavily on prescription drugs to provide them with a quality lifestyle.

Without the proper medications, some people would be debilitated. The sad reality is that not everyone can afford the exorbitant costs of many of these drugs, even when it’s a generic brand.

Prescription drugs are soaring in price. The massive prices could be laid at the feet of the need for research, development and marketing of new drugs. Of course, just like with any other products and services, there are other reasons for these rising costs, but these are deliberately kept under the radar.

Get the App – Convenience in Your Hands

Whatever the reasons for the rising costs, how can you be sure you’re getting your prescription drugs at the best prices? It’s time you used the SearchRx app, allowing you access to coupons to get the lowest prescription prices in town.

Most people interested in the service will immediately want to know how much it costs. With prescription drugs so costly, it’s only natural for them to assume that SearchRx would have a price tag too. The app is entirely free (available both on the App Store and Google Play Store) and you’ll be able to find the cheapest pharmacy nearby and coupons to save you even more.

Effectively you’ve got lots of savings …and right in the palm of your hand.

You can include the prescription drug you need, but the top prescription searches include the likes of-

  • Xanax
  • Ambien
  • Adderall
  • Viagra
  • Lipitor
  • … among others. In fact all FDA approved brands- as well as generic names are found on the prescription drug list

All it essentially requires is you entering your prescription information as well as your location. You’re then presented with the best price available in your particular area. Prices of prescription medications can vary significantly, even between same-chain pharmacies, and SearchRx gives you access to each one’s pricing (after their coupons are applied)

This means you’re able to find and compare the most reasonable prices, not all over the country, but at local pharmacies near you!

There are no Frustrating Exclusions

The beauty about SearchRx is that membership to the coupon program doesn’t come with a host of requirements which exclude lots of people. You’ll find no one is asking you to give details of your income, your age or pre-existing conditions. The program has simply been designed and put in place to help patients who don’t have prescription drug coverage or those who do have it but are forced to contend with irritatingly large co-pays as well as other formulary limitations.

The Best Deals Brought to You

It is amazing that at the tips of your fingers you able to search the pharmacy price checker and get the lowest discounted prices on not 10,000 prescription drugs, but more than 50,000! The reason for this is that SearchRx has built up amicable relationships with leading pharmacy benefit managers who give them access to these deals, and they in turn pass these onto their customers to benefit from great savings and the very best deals.

What then?

●Once you’ve found the best price of the prescription drug you’re after at a nearby pharmacy, your savings will immediately kick in upon checkout. You simply print out, email, or receive your coupon by text message.
●Present the coupon to your pharmacist when you pay for the product at the check out. The codes on the coupon will be entered to access the savings waiting for you. Your coupon’s unique code will let the pharmacist know the discounted prescription price.

Massive Savings

The card has already collectively saved users more than $1 billion on their prescriptions to date. Currently, just as an example, you’ll find that Phentermine Tabs 37.5mg have a coupon with 71% off the price. This is just one example – the savings all depends on the drug and the pharmacy discount rate contracted with Rx pharmacy coupons.

Remember to always take your card or coupons with you to your pharmacy each time you have a prescription. They’re accepted at the more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.

In the 21st century, times are tough and you have to do everything you can to save. Use SearchRx for coupons and discounts and ensure your health is never undermined because of rising medication prices