What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss and What You Can Do to Cope with It

Having a baby is not only happy but also challenging as new moms have to take the courage to face various issues such as stretch marks, hair loss and depression. Of course, you are the happiest mom when you see the smile on the face of your cute baby. But lots of mothers are too busy taking care of baby to take good care of yourselves. You can’t get enough sleep, you lose hair, you can’t have your own time- these issues make you feel upset. Every mom should take good care of yourself and be brave to face challenges. Considering that postpartum hair loss is a huge challenge to be addressed by many mothers, this article aims to help moms identify the cause and provide postpartum hair loss solutions.

Is postpartum hair loss common?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the percentage of women who suffer from hair loss after giving birth is 40-50%. New mothers do not need to panic if you see your hair falling out in clumps after giving birth. Do not freak out after seeing your hair shedding at a noticeable rate after childbirth. However, like postpartum depression, it does not occur to all women. As to when hair loss occurs and when normal hair growth returns, it also varies from woman to woman. In general, hair loss occurs 2-4 months after giving birth and normal hair growth returns 6-12 months after childbirth. So postpartum hair loss is completely normal! Moms should keep calm and wait patiently for your normal hair growth.

Why does hair loss occur after giving birth?

The main culprit is the change in hormone level during pregnancy and after childbirth. It’s very easy to understand the cause: estrogen and progesterone levels rise sharply during pregnancy which cause your hair to stay in the growth stage, but after giving birth, your hair starts the shedding process that was delayed during pregnancy. This process could be discouraging, but it is a temporary phenomenon. 

What can moms do to deal with postpartum hair loss?

First of all, moms suffering from hair loss after childbirth should treat the issue calmly since it is normal. Don’t stress yourself out, and spend some time to make yourself get relaxed through meditation, running, going for a massage and various other ways. Secondly, you should minimize heat styling to avoid damage to your hair. Thirdly, it is essential to have a balanced and healthy diet so as to promote hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss after childbirth, whole grains, vegetables and fruits that are favorable for boosting hair growth should be chosen- e.g. eggs, avocados, buts, walnuts and carrots are the best foods for hair growth. Moreover, it may take months before your hair returns, so hairpieces such as hair toppers and wigs can be helpful for moms who expect instant volume.