How to Prepare Perfect Ribeye Steaks?

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ribeyeA lot of people love a great steak.  However, steakhouses can be expensive and unpredictable, but it is easier than most people think to make the perfect steak, right at home.

Of course, if you want the perfect steak every time, the first place to start is with the quality of meat you buy. You’ll never make a low-grade meat as tender as a steakhouse, but you can consider meats like Kobe or wagyu beef, the tastiest and healthiest options when it comes to red meat.

If you love your meat, follow these easy steps to prepare the perfect rib eye steaks, anytime and anywhere you want.

Rib Eye Basics

Many people prefer the rib eye when it comes to their steak cuts, and for good reason. This piece comes from between the sixth and twelfth ribs of a cow, right between the loin and shoulder. A ribeye will come with a single bone, but is sometimes called a Delmonico when it doesn’t have a bone, and a cowboy steak when there is an extra long bone.

Why is the rib eye so loved? It is marbled beautifully, and is the fattiest cut of steaks. When prepared correctly it is a bold flavored and incredibly juicy piece of meat.

Best Ways to Cook

Rib eyes have lots of fat, which means that preparing them is a bit different than other leaner cuts. Ideally, a cast iron skillet used on a stove can help the steak cook in its fat, so that it is as flavorful as possible.

While grilled steaks are delicious, grilling a rib eye can be a bit of a challenge. First of all, you’ll lose a lot of the fat unless you are using a grill pan. Second of all, you run the risk of large flares, which can easily char your steak in an instant. If you want to grill, just be sure to keep a close eye on what’s happening.

How to Season

The thing with most quality meats is that they don’t require much seasoning to bring out their rich flavors. In fact, most top steakhouses will skip sauces all together in favor of letting their meat stand on its own. Salt and pepper are typically all you’ll need for seasoning your rib eyes. Use a coarse salt that will help the meat absorb moisture into the muscles, making it soft and tender.

Steaks should be seasoned about 45 minutes at room temperature before cooking so that they penetrate as deeply as possible.

The Best Temperatures

Some of the best rib eye steaks in the world are eaten rare. Yes, they are that good. However, general consensus is that 135 degrees, or nearly medium temperature, is idea for rib eyes. This allows the fat to dissolve and do its work on making your meat as juicy as possible.

Most steaks will need about 5 minutes per side on a hot pan or on the grill.

Remember that meat continues to cook after removed from a heat source, so be sure to let your rib eye rest. Add some butter to make it steakhouse soft, and wait around 10 minutes for optimal flavor.


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