Rascal Caught Playing the Guitar

Rascal got an early start this morning, he woke me up around 5am.  I caught him dragging my husband’s guitar out of the closet.  He continued to drag it across the house and set it up in the living room.

I went to wake up the kids so that they could come and see what Rascal was up too before they got ready for school/daycare.  The baby had me look in kitchen cabinets, in the pantry, and in the freezer before we finding Rascal in the living room playing the guitar.  As soon as the baby spotted him, he immediately pointed Rascal out and started smiling.

Rascal hiding out in the guitar.


Rascal is playing the guitar and making lots of racket this morning.

Rascal what are you doing in there?  He is playing the guitar and singing.


My baby was happy to find Rascal this morning.


What will Rascal think of next?  Check back for updates each day.