Rascal Was Hanging on the Chandelier this Morning

Rascal got some great advice yesterday from the Wise Owls.  He wrote it down so that he could remember it for future reference.  Rascal told me last night that he was already working on the letter he will leave for the kids on Christmas eve.  I think I even saw a tear drop forming in his eye.  Poor Rascal is feeling sad too.

He wanted to go spend time at the North Pole and left about an hour or so after we had our little chat last night.  Rascal snuck out the back door when I let the dogs outside.  This morning when I went to wake up the kids, I found Rascal perched on my husband’s desk.  He seemed a bit hyper and started doing gymnastics in the office.  I continued to watch him as he was bouncing around the office, I asked him if he got into the sweets while at the North Pole.  He told me, “Yes.”

I noticed that he was trying to get up on the chandelier that is in our office.  Next thing I know he was hanging onto the end of one of the lights trying to go perch himself on the chandelier.  I had to go wake up the kids, so I left the room.

After waking the baby up, I walked him around the house so that he could look for Rascal.  However, he couldn’t find Rascal.  He kept calling his name, it was so cute.  Finally, we found him in the office hanging from the chandelier.

Rascal was sitting on the edge of the desk in the office.


Rascal hanging onto the edge of the chandelier for dear life.


Rascal perched on the chandelier.


Hanging upside down on the chandelier.



Pardon the dust on the chandelier, I didn’t realize how dusty they were until I took photos.  Yikes, the maid is slacking!

Find out what Rascal will do next.  Check back for updates.