Rascal Made a Huge Mess in the Kitchen Last Night

Rascal was being kinda sneaky last night before I went to bed.  He was in the kitchen searching for items to use for his next mission.  I caught him digging in my kitchen drawer, where I keep my cake decoration items.  Next thing I know he was searching for my flour.  I didn’t even ask him what he was up too, but I knew that whatever he had planned was going to be messy.

This morning when I woke up, I found a message from Rascal that were written in cake decorating gel.  He also added some sparkle using sugar and pink sugar crystals.  Rascal wasn’t sitting next to his mess so I began looking around for him.  Then I noticed another message from him written in cake decorating gel and he made a snow angel using flour.  But Rascal was still no where to be found.  Silly elf was hiding from us.

I went to wake up the kids, so that they could get ready for school.  They were shocked to see that Rascal left a huge mess and was no where to be found.  Finally, my daughter spotted him hiding on top of the refrigerator.  He was peering at his mess and chuckling.

I asked my toddler this morning, “Did Rascal make a mess?”  He replied, “uh-huh” and pointed at his mess.

Rascal’s first message, “Rascal was here!”


Next message said, “And Here!”


Rascal made a snow angel with flour.


Rascal looking down on his mess from the refrigerator.


What will Rascal do next, check back for more Elf on the Shelf fun?