Rascal Taking A Sick Day

Saturday was a rather warm day here in Texas, definitely doesn’t feel like it’s December 1st.  It doesn’t feel like it we are only 24 days left until Christmas; instead, it felt like a typical spring day.  Just a few days earlier it was cold enough here for the heater and now we are using the air conditioner again.  Poor Rascal’s body just doesn’t know how to handle the extreme weather changes between here and the North Pole.

On Sunday morning, he woke up with a severe cold.  He decided to stay in bed and sleep all day.  I found him with the thermometer, elf tissues, and the bottle of generic NyQuil.  My toddler found him sleeping in mama and dada’s bed.

Mommy, I don’t feel so well.


Achoo!  Rascal took some nite time cold and flu relief (Generic NyQuil).


Night Night Mama!


What will Rascal do next?  Check back for updates.