Setting Your Child Up for Preschool

When a child is born, most parents spend a good deal of everyday caring for them. It can be hard to imagine the day when you will be sending them to preschool. They will be away from you for a good portion of every week day. This can be a startling change for many parents, as well as the children. It is a good idea for you as parents to get your child ready for preschool as much as possible beforehand, so that the change isn’t so drastic for them.

Visit the Preschool with Your Child

It is a good idea to get your child familiar with the idea that they will soon be coming to a new place every day. Taking your child to the school will give them the understanding that you are associated with this place. This will make them feel more comfortable and happy to go there. While you are there, you can show them the toys and other children who might also be there for a visit. Familiarizing the child with the environment will set them up with the knowledge that this is a fun place to be.

Use Books and TV Shows

While reading with your child, try to pick out books with a common theme about preschool. When the characters in the story go to preschool, point out all the fun that they are having to your child. Mention to the child that they can have fun like this too soon! Be sure to ask if your child has any questions or concerns about preschool, because you will able to answer them and put their minds at rest. The same principle applies for TV shows. You can watch shows with your child that feature characters going to preschool for the first time.

Make Sure They are Well Rested

If your child is not getting enough sleep at night, they will be tired and grumpy the next day which can result in temper tantrums. If they go off to preschool like that, they are bound to have a bad day. Then they will associate preschool with bad feelings. One way to make sure your child gets a good sleep is by ensuring that their mattress is optimal for them. The best kinds of crib mattresses for your toddler will leave them feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning! If you are interested in browsing through a few different types, you can read more here. Another way to make sure your child is getting a good sleep is by enforcing bedtimes. It can be tempting to be lenient and allow your child to stay up late, however this will not be beneficial to them. Keep their sleep pattern consistent, and they will be more alert for preschool.

Show Them How to Interact with Others

If your child does not have any siblings, it is likely that they spend a lot of time playing by themselves, or with you. They will not have much experience being with other children, and so they might be confused. This can impede their ability to share and get along with others. They will also probably try to insist on having their own way all the time. You can prevent this from happening by helping your child make friends with neighbors or relatives their age. If your child is used to having other children around them, it will be an easier transition when they get to preschool. These friends could even stay with them as they make their way through the school years.

Practice at Home

Set up a pretend pre-school area in your home and practice for a few days before your child heads off to the real thing. Learn numbers, letters, sing songs, do crafts, then have snack and a lunch break. Even try having a nap or quiet time, which most preschools do. This will give them a sense of what to expect and helps them ease into a familiar routine once they start school.


When your child goes off to preschool, it is an important milestone for both you and them. It is the start of a new adventure, and thus should be prepared for in advance. Setting your child up for preschool involves making them a part of the whole process. Talk them through every step of the way, so that they understand what it is that they are doing. They will feel your love and support, and will appreciate that you are there throughout it all. Overall, your child will have a better experience at preschool if they are prepared for what they are about to do.