How to Stay Healthy After Pregnancy

How to Stay Healthy After Pregnancy

How to Stay Healthy After Pregnancy

The woman’s body has been changing and adapting to pregnancy throughout the 40 weeks. It has also been an instrument in the development of the fetus and has been prepared for the period of breastfeeding when the baby is born. After delivery, all organs have to regain their status and return to the previous places. In addition, motherhood causes some emotional and psychological changes. All this makes it necessary for the mother to take some time to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

Diet Rich in Protein and Vegetables

In this period when the mother is lactating and still does not have increased physical activity, diet is essential for the body to return to its natural shape and get the nutrients it needs. Therefore, it is recommended to create an eating plan rich in protein, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and fruit. For lunch it is advisable to eat a lot of protein like chicken breast, salmon or beef tenderloin, all mixed with vegetables. For dinner, cream vegetable soups are the best option.ย  Moreover, processed products or packaged food are best avoided because of their high sugar load. Mushrooms, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, zucchini, spinach, carrots and squash are vegetables that can provide more nutrients in this stage.

The Great Ally – Exercise

Physical activity is beneficial to human body in any condition. New mothers can perform moderate physical activity ten days after delivery. In the case of women who gave birth by Caesarean section, it is better to avoid anything more difficult than walking for 30 minutes daily. Furthermore, doing squats or lunges with pushing arm motion combines cardio with muscle tone recovery. Six weeks after childbirth it is advisable to do the plank because this exercise causes an abdominal strain that contributes to the strengthening of that muscle group. Yoga is also great for increasing flexibility and strength in muscles and joints.

Replenish Nutrients and Vitamins

It is important that women have special care when it comes to the consumption of vitamin D during and after pregnancy. During this period, a lot of this vitamin is lost and this generates an increase in the number and size of the cavities existing in the interior of bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Therefore, it is recommended to take vitamin D as a supplement. Exposure to direct sunlight is essential for the body to synthesize vitamin D. Every day, for at least ten minutes, women should expose their arms, back and legs to the sun, without applying any sunscreen. The only part that should not be exposed in this way is the face. Also, consumption of iron and calcium is advised, as those are components that are lost after pregnancy and that are necessary for the welfare of mothers.

Habits to Improve the Mood

Postpartum hormonal changes generate strong variations in the emotional state of women. In order for the women not to fall into a depressive, psychotic or schizophrenic state, they need family and spousal support. This period must be lived as something very intimate in a peaceful environment, where both partners are engaged in learning to care for the baby. Sleep is another factor to consider during this stage. Mothers should sleep when the baby does so, because good sleep habits allow them to be strong to fulfill their duties and avoid episodes of distress. Sleeping well also helps to speed up metabolism and lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which is crucial for weight loss.

Spinal Pain after Childbirth

When it comes to female population, the most critical period of the health of the spinal column is undisputedly postpartum period. There are many cases when new mothers only then start to complain about the pain in any part of the spine. Treatment is quite simple. The most important thing is to treat the problem in the beginning, because then it can be solved quickly and without permanent changes. If the mother immediately goes to physiologists or a clinic such as Incline Health that specializes in spine problems, she will very quickly be up and about, able to dedicate herself to the baby.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most special experiences for women. However, this generates various changes in the body and state of mind. It is therefore necessary to put aside myths and taboos and establish healthy habits to restore confidence and maintain self-esteem.

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