Story of My Final Pregnancy

First Ultrasound 10/25/10

I was super excited and nervous when I found out that I was expecting in September of 2010.  Just a few weeks before I found out, I was watching my mother struggle with her battle with Pick’s disease.  Pick’s disease is a rare form of Alzheimer’s that affects the frontal lobe of the brain.  In August of 2010, she was in the final stages and was admitted to the ICU with severe case of pneumonia.  My dad was out of town, so I spent the last few days with her at her bed side along with my wonderful husband.  She passed away on September 1, 2010 and went home to be with the Lord.

“We’re Pregnant”

I know you are probably thinking in your head, what does this have to do with my journey?  Well my mom found out she was pregnant with my twin sisters when her mom was very ill.  And when I was in the same situation, I got to thinking that would be weird if I was pregnant when my mom was ill.  I found out I was pregnant about three weeks after her funeral.  I was ecstatic because me and my wonderful husband spent over 18 months trying to conceive a baby.  Shortly after we found out that I was pregnant, my husband was told that his company was going to be bought out by another company.  He had an opportunity to stay with the new company; however, it would require moving and that wasn’t an option for us.  So in January 2012, he was let go from his company.  As many of you might know, the economy is very tough and jobs are hard to come by.  Being over half way through my pregnancy, I was kinda nervous about him not having a job but knew everything would work out somehow someway.  And it did.

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