How to Stretch Young Readers’ Understanding and Motivate Them to Improve Their Reading Skills

How to Stretch Young Readers’ Understanding and Motivate Them to Improve Their Reading Skills

How to Stretch Young Readers’ Understanding and Motivate Them to Improve Their Reading Skills

Purposeful reading is vital to academic achievement, and books are an important source of knowledge and information. We’re currently becoming more aware of how fundamental leisurely reading can be. It can be a pleasure to cuddle up with a good book and just enjoy the actual story; however, it can be difficult for a parent to instill a passion for reading books in their kids. That’s because smart gadgets, games and other technological distractions are more entertaining, thus managing to grab attention a lot faster.

Motivating young kids to read books doesn’t have to be that nerve-racking. It’s all about setting an example. Various studies in the field have demonstrated that children who read books for the pure pleasure of reading have higher chances to succeed in school than their colleagues. First of all, they have the capacity of becoming better writers. They’ll have richer vocabularies and they’ll develop sturdier thinking skills.

Mechanical vs. Pleasurable Reading

Kids will learn in school all about mechanical reading. The habit of reading however, should be developed in private, preferably at home. This way, adults will have a stronger influence on their little ones, and they’ll be able to persuade them to read without putting any pressure. It is important to have a reading schedule. For example, you could schedule a 2-hour session before bedtime. By creating a routine you make reading a priority and your kids will grow to love the activity too, not just abide by it.

By allowing the kids to explore various niches and domains you help them uncover their own personal interests. Let them choose what to read, and take their preferences into account. Do they like fiction or non-fiction? Do they like traditional or modern books? It’s useful to have an idea because this way you’ll be able to offer them books that they can actually enjoy.

How do we Persuade Kids to Read?

Parents should spend some more time reading to their little ones out loud. This will stimulate their imagination as well as expand their general understanding of the world. Listening to stories helps them develop their appetite for reading; it is important to keep reading to them even after they’ve learned to do it themselves.

Read aloud together and enjoy the activity; find books that are attention-grabbing and use your voice to entice and convince the kids to want to know more. Parents are advised to read stories that are beyond their kids’ reading level; this is a great opportunity to stretch their understanding as well as help them improve their current skills.

Let the Kids Read to You

Another great way of motivating kids to read books is to have them read out loud to you. Even if they can’t spell all the words, this exercise is excellent at developing language skills. They’ll grow up speaking more fluently, and they won’t be afraid of public speaking. Don’t criticize their mistakes and value the effort they’re making to read aloud. Be supportive and work together on improving the reading; make the activity seem fun and they might just grow a fondness to books.

Support Reading to Other Kids

Kids love activities with other kids, so if your toddler loves reading, have him read a favorite story to a friend. It doesn’t matter if the reading is good or bad; the goal here is to get started. Reading, even when it is performed imperfectly, is an excellent way of developing language skills. And when your child’s vocabulary is rich he won’t have a problem with socializing with others and blending in. Good reading abilities make everyone more confident. When kids of similar ages share the same book, they get involved in the story and they enjoy the experience. It is an excellent way of interaction with others!

Last but not least, you should be a role model. If your kids see that you have an interest for reading bestselling books, they will be curious to know more about what you’re doing. Set an example and do it daily. Show them don’t just tell them about the importance of reading books. Before you know it, they’ll want to cuddle up with you and partake in the activity.

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