Summer Crafting with Ribbon Scraps


With the summer season here and firmly in place, it maybe time to create new activities to keep the kids happily occupied. While the weather may be warm, some days are just too hot to play outside. Add to this, summer storms and rainy days that make indoor craft fun a necessary. Best of all, your next arts and crafts project can be put together with items you probably have in your home right now.

Ribbon scraps are useful

If you sew, you’ve probably got scraps of ribbon from one roll or another. If you are someone who doesn’t sew, it is highly inexpensive to purchase short pieces of ribbon from your neighborhood fabric store or crafting emporium. Some projects require more yardage than others, but luckily any color, fabric or texture of ribbon is just fine. These creations not only make wonderful gifts, but useful items for the home.

6513402899_c247f17559_zRibbon covered journals and notebooks

One dollar type stores are wonderful places to find ribbon, glue, child-safe scissors and basic supplies. They also sell hardcover notebooks and small note pads. Simply cut up small pieces of ribbon, and let your little crafters paste on bits of ribbon to decorate the covers. This makes handy note pads to keep for jotting down homework assignments, or artistic journal books just waiting to record the events of the day.

Rev up a picture frame with ribbon

Dollar discount stores also sell inexpensive picture frames that are made from plastic and lightweight wood. First, safely remove the clear plastic or picture glass from the frame. Set this aside, until your ribbon frame is completely dry. Then take the frame and paste ribbon pieces along its sides. Longer pieces of ribbon can be wrapped around the frame and even tied prettily at the corners with smaller pieces to give your frame “shabby chic” appeal.

Fashion your own hair accessories with scrap ribbon

Little girls, teens and even grown women love wearing hair accessories. However, ornate hair accessories can be downright pricey. Once again, a discount store or dollar shop is your friend. Purchase plastic barrettes and easy to wear headbands. Paste ribbon scraps on the face of your barrette. You can even wrap larger pieces of ribbon around a headband to take hair accessories to new heights. If you want a simpler approach, a piece of foldover elastic ribbon can be used to tie hair back while still looking fashionable.

Much like other non-wearable arts and crafts projects, you always want to use a non-toxic glue when crafting with kids. Unlike craft items that never leave the great indoors, you will definitely want to use a glue that is water-proof or at the very least water-resistant. (If hair gets wet while caught in the rain, there’s less of a chance that your new barrettes will lose their ribbons.)

Re-use and recycle with ribbon

Your kids may have play bracelets and necklaces that are just too small for them to wear. Simply tie a piece of ribbon onto each of the clasps to elongate the length. Charms and beads can also be threaded through narrow lengths of ribbon to create an entirely new piece of fashion jewelry. To make sure your charm or bead doesn’t shift around, tie a small knot just before and after it to retain its place.

Magic wands, musical instruments and design your own tote bags

Inexpensive plastic wands enhanced with lengths of ribbon become absolutely magical, with colorful long streamers floating through the air. Add scraps of ribbon to children’s tambourines to give them a festive feel. Finally, paste scraps of ribbon on a fabric tote bag to design your own carry-all for shopping or school. All it takes is scrap ribbon and a string of imagination.

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This guest post was made by The Ribbon Retreat, an Idaho based company specializing in ribbon crafts and accessories for almost any project!

Image: liz westTeresa Alexander-Arab on Flicker