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Unfortunately, infertility is a problem affecting more than a handful of Americans. It is a result of either of the partners not having the ability to sire or bear children due to one factor or a combination of them.

Children are a blessing, and most of us want them to ensure the continuity of family generations. However, when this seems like a distant reality, intended parents are likely to blame themselves, feel broken, ashamed, and hopeless. These feelings are detrimental to the overall health of intended parents, and they are likely to fall into depression or cause a rift in their relationship.

Surrogacy is the way

For the past few years, we have seen an influx in the number of California surrogacy clinics, and it is for good reason.

Surrogacy plays an integral role in allowing people with cultural diversity, different sexual orientations, and varying ages to have the opportunity to be parents.

Some of the people who benefit from surrogacy include:-

  • Couples who have problems conceiving a child
  • A mother who, for medical reasons, cannot carry a pregnancy.
  • Same-sex couples who want to start a family
  • Individuals who want a child but whereas the intended mother is on long-term medication for a chronic illness.
  • Couples who are not willing to go through the lengthy and tiresome adoption process.
  • Couples who have undergone trauma due to a past pregnancy and is not willing to go through it again

Surrogacy is an intense and extraordinary process for all intended parents. It is a process that makes the dreams of being a parent a reality.

So, what are the benefits of seeking surrogacy?

There are various benefits of opting for surrogacy.

Let us delve into specifics.

  • You finally realize your dreams of being a parent

Whether a man or woman, some people are just nurturing in nature. Unfortunately, the realizations that an intended parent cannot have children can be devastating and a dream crusher. To such individuals, surrogacy presents an opportunity for them to enjoy the journey of parenthood.

  • You have healthy children

Some people are born with hereditary diseases such as down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, and many more. These genetic disorders cause a myriad of complications and life-threatening situations.

So, when an intended parent is aware they have a genetic disorder, surrogacy is a great option to ensure their kids are healthy, live a quality life, and do not have to go through the problems they went through growing up.

  • Allows for biological relations

Unlike adoption, where neither of the parents is related to the child, surrogacy makes it possible for one partner or both partners to be biologically related to the child.

In this case, if both parents are fertile and it is only that the mother’s uterus cannot carry the baby full-term, both of them can use a surrogate to carry their embryo, allowing them to be the biological parents of the child.

On the other hand, if it is only one partner who has infertility problems, the other intended parent has an opportunity to be the biological parent through the use of donors.

  • Surrogacy has fewer restrictions as compared to adoption

Being unable to have a child of your own is stressful enough. Much to the joy of intended parents, surrogacy has fewer restrictions as compared to adoption.

Adoption is a complex process where the couples need to go for various interviews and have impromptu visits to their homes. It is also an invasion of privacy as you are required to show your financial statements, among other things.

  • It gives peace of mind

Fertility treatments are exhausting, time-consuming, and downright stressful. The numerous visits to the fertility doctors can put a strain on our mental and physical health. However, once you are settled on a surrogate, you can rest easy knowing that in a few months, you will be able to have and raise a child – your child.