The Sweetness Of Life

Memorable Occasions
Senses play a part in memory. Smells, feelings, sights, sounds, and tastes all help color our remembrance. There is likely a sixth sense too; science is just discovering that this long-time suspicion is in fact legitimate. This means memory can be evoked for reasons that don’t seem directly tangible. The reality is that there was a reason behind the memory, it’s just not all that we can see tells us what is to see. Life reveals secrets like this as one travels its ever changing corridors. With as much in mind, should you be in a position to evoke good memories in someone, it’s a great idea to do so. Following is an examination of occasions where happiness can be enhanced, and suggestions on how to facilitate that enhancement.

Candy is good on dates, but something that makes relationship life even more exciting is thinking outside the box. Here is an idea you may hate, but somebody you know will love. For eight dollars in quarters, you and a significant other can have an exciting date that you will remember for the rest of your life. Just be sure to bring along some towels, because this one can get chilly depending on your climate! Here’s what you do: when it’s dark, go to a do-it-yourself car wash, split up the quarters, and have a water fight between the stalls. It is a perfectly adult way to have a safe, fun date evoking memories of childhood–again through sensation. We have all had water fights, they were usually when we were children, and for most people, they were tons of fun! Coupling fun with a romantic experience is a great way to cement its longevity.


Here’s one to make a memory sweet and hilarious: pull a prank on your graduating senior. He’s going to have his fair share of shenanigans with his fellows in the final year of high school, and goodness knows he has pulled a few over on you in your term as parent. Get him back a little. You said you would buy him a car for his graduation? Well, do that–get him one that’s affordable, and he can mess up without wasting money. But before you give him the keys, say something like: “Son, I got you a Ferrari. Your very own,” then pull out a Hot Wheel. Okay, that one’s been done; but you get the idea! You challenge a known expectation with a red herring, then deliver on the back end. Be sure to be careful with this one; life’s sweetness can be soured by a personality that can’t take a joke too well. Not all memory-enhancing techniques are appropriate for some people.


This one seems pretty straightforward, but imagine a young child in your family is turning eight years old. Mommy and daddy have put together a great party, inviting a dozen similarly-aged kids. They’ve acquired ice cream, treats, the whole nine yards–but you’re a savvy auntie. You know that every one of those kids is a huge fan of jellybeans. So you buy some in bulk at a site like and deliver an “open bar” of delicious candy for your niece or nephew’s special day. Candy is a great way to lock a memory in, and at the same time spread joy. But you’ve got to be careful; mankind wasn’t built to live on sweets alone! The best way to fully enjoy copious quantities of candy is through special occasions where such quantities are warranted. Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day–there is ample opportunity!

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