How to Teach your Kids to Use a Computer

How to Teach your Kids to Use a Computer

How to Teach your Kids to Use a Computer

Using a computer should be something that we all know how to do today. However, children might learn it the wrong way, or they might not even like to use it at all. Furthermore, even though there are many handheld gadgets today, kids should first learn how to properly deal with a computer, and the many benefits it has for them.

Starting with the Basics

Learning the basics is a chance not only for kids to get a better understanding of how computers work, it is also a great learning opportunity for you to expand on your existing knowledge. However, be aware that it will take time, and that everyone learns at a different pace. Be patient, otherwise you might scare your kids into hating computers and never being able to fully understand the scope of usefulness it has to offer.

Only a Couple of Hours Daily

Remember to teach your kids to use the computer only a couple of hours daily, so that they do not get addicted. Moreover, keep in mind that they should be using that time to practice how to type, how to properly start up programs and where to search if they need answers.

Teach Them About the Internet

Tell your children all about how they will be able to find what they need on the Internet, but, that they should be very careful when searching the web. Just like in real life, they should not loiter around in areas which are unsafe, so that they do not get into trouble. Moreover, teach them how to search for what they are looking for, because typing in the search bar is not enough.

Include Age-Appropriate Games

Although popular belief is that games are not good for children, this could not be further from the truth. But, be careful which games you give your kids. Some will teach them logical thinking, and some will require more math, but in either case, they will be able to learn while having fun. After all, games are supposed to be a source of learning as well, if orchestrated well.

Teaching Older Kids

As your children get older, it will be necessary to teach about various aspects of the Internet and how much they can learn if they only put a bit of effort into it. Though, as they grow up, they will get bigger demands as well, and in order to be able to use more power-hungry programs, they will need a better rig. Gaming laptops are a great way to get them a strong enough machine, where they can run their programs, and even play games when they feel the pressure getting too much.

No Matter the Age, Security Comes First

Be sure to teach your children, no matter how old that they should always stick to only secured and trusted websites, because dangers lurks around every corner. Moreover, if they will unsure what to do, or if they feel that they are being cyberbullied, they should not be afraid to call a grownup. Online safety should be taken seriously as it is the first line of defense online.

Set down clear rules to be followed when on the computer. As your children get older, you can lift some of the rules, and you can broaden their horizons. However, try to give them full understanding of what they are capable to do with a computer, and how they can make the most if for learning. On the other hand, it can be a great way to have fun as well.

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Do your children know how to use a computer? What is your biggest fear with them learning how to use the computer?

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  1. Jessenia Martinez Avatar
    Jessenia Martinez

    I think this was a great read! I have an 8 year old brother and he already knows how to navigate the internet and everything. He taught himself while growing up with the help of my dad.