Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Making your children do the chores can be exhausting and overwhelming but it is crucial to teach them from an early age about their responsibilities and obligations. It is important for them to learn to clean after themselves and to participate in tiding up. The good thing is that there is no need to make an issue out of this as there are tons of fun and imaginative ways you can do this. These are some tips and tricks how you can make your children clean their room without any trouble whatsoever.

Set the Rules

It is important to set the rules since the beginning so they can learn to follow them from the start. Keep in mind not to be too harsh but not to indulgent either. You need to find a balance. The key is for them to take you seriously and finish their chores, but at the same time not to look at you like an authoritative figure. You are their parent, not their teacher and not their parole officer. You can also try to make up some fun rules together. It’s good to have strict rules what it means to keep the room clean. Making the bed, putting away dirty clothes, putting away toys would be surprised what clean means to them and what it means to you.

Set an Example

You need to keep in mind that you are their role models and they look up to you. Whatever you do or say or how you behave, they will imitate it. So it is better to set a good example right from the beginning. Be sure to keep your stuff in order and to clean up after yourself. Your children will pay more attention to what you do rather than what you say, so be careful. And although you don’t like cleaning up as much as they, keep in mind not to complain about it. If you do that, they will naturally think it’s hard work and it will be much harder to convince them otherwise.

Do it Together

Doing things together is more fun and it can actually count as a family activity. That way they won’t have an impression that they are forced to do chores, rather they will get an idea that they are spending some quality time with their family. It’s much more effective than just standing on the door and ordering them to do it by themselves. After some time, it will get in their daily routine and they’ll start doing it alone. Although it may be easier in the beginning to just clean up after them, don’t do it. It’s important for them to learn a sense of responsibility from an early age.

Make a Game Out Of it

Cleaning up doesn’t have to be a constant battle between you and the kids. You can make it appear as you are playing just another game, you just need to be creative. For example, for younger children it can be fun to start cleaning and sorting things by color. You can also buy colored plastic crates in which they will put their toys in. That way it’s a learning process and at the same time you get the desired effect. Also, when it comes to clothes, you can just play dress-up and urge them to put away the ‘costume’ after they are done with it. A good idea is to make a competition out of it, something like who will clean up more toys in a specific period of time. Music is always a good addition to cleaning!

It’s a process every parent must go through, but it doesn’t have to be struggle. The key is to show your children in good manner that even doing chores can be fun and that way to teach them responsibilities starting from an early age. Being a good parent isn’t just making your children comply with your every command; it’s about teaching them mutual respect and understanding. When that is achieved, your children won’t have any issues with doing chores or any other activities around the house, rather they will feel more than happy to help.

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