Tips to Selecting the Best Home Security Option for Your Family

Out of curiosity, you got onto the CrimeReports website, looked up your ZIP code and were astonished to see that there have been some recent burglaries in your area. While you have not seen or heard anything unusual at your home, you still want to be proactive and invest in some type of home security system.

Of course, home security systems are not created equally. If you are unsure of which home security system to buy, here are some common questions to keep in mind.

Wired or Wire-Free?

When shopping for home security cameras, you will notice that they come in wired, wireless and wire-free options. If you or your spouse is handy with DIY projects, a wired system may be the way to go. For instance, Lorex offers security camera systems that offer 4K Ultra HD video as well as advanced internet remote viewing options. On the flip side, if you are not too confident in your ability to install cameras and you don’t have money in the budget to hire a handyman to do it, you can always go with a wireless or wire-free camera system. Wireless security camera systems are easy to install as they are not tethered to a recorder, however, they do require an outlet to plug in to. With a wire-free system, you can choose exactly where you want to place the cameras as they run on batteries and do not need a power outlet.

To explore different options you can check Verisure Smart Alarm and pick what suits your need.

Do You Own or Rent?

If you own your home, the world is your oyster when it comes to home security systems. You can buy them yourself as mentioned above or go with a contract if you prefer. But if you rent, your options are probably more limited, so prior to buying a security camera system, discuss it with your landlord and make sure it will be okay to install them. He or she might not be wild about you drilling holes in the walls, so the wire-free or wireless options might be the way to go in this case.

What About a Big Dog?

Your kids have been begging you to get a dog, so you are wondering if you can kill two proverbial birds with one stone and adopt a rescue pooch who will keep the kids company and also help to guard your property. As PetMD notes, dogs come with a number of advantages that are lacking in security camera systems — for instance, you won’t cuddle with the cameras on the couch while watching a movie and the cameras won’t wiggle with glee when you return home. All kidding aside, while you should certainly adopt a pup if you want to add one to your family, you might not want to rely on the dog for security. You might adopt one that doesn’t bark much or is not exactly fierce — which is probably better for your kids anyway. Instead, consider getting a dog along with installing a home security camera system.

With Some Careful Research, You Will Get the Best Option for Your Family

Investing in a home surveillance camera system is a wise idea. They can provide a wonderful sense of security and, even if you can’t pet them or walk them like a dog, they are reliable and will help you monitor your home.



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