Treating Engorgement Quickly Will Reduce a Mother’s Chance of Developing Breast Infections

Many mother’s who breastfeed their baby will encounter engorgement of the breasts a few days after your baby is born, usually between day 2 and 5 when your milk comes in.  It is important that a mother takes care of her breasts and try to avoid engorgement to prevent reduction in milk supply or possible infections of the breast.  Emptying the breasts frequently is the best way to avoid overfilled breast.

Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes. I am not a lactation consultant or a certified breastfeeding expert. The opinions in this post are based upon my own experiences.

What does engorgement feel like?

When a mother’s breasts are engorged, they will be very full with milk and as the milk ducts fill up the will feel like small, hard lumps.  Your breasts will also feel heavy and often times it will be somewhat painful.

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