Video Games Can Have a Good Impact on Children

Video Games Can Have a Good Impact on Children

Video Games Can Have a Good Impact on Children

Many parents have it believe that video games are only a bad influence for their kids, but they could not be further from the truth. New studies are leaning towards encouraging children to play more and more video games, but within reasons of course. Though, you should not expect miracles to happen, rather, you will notice some improvements in certain areas and in skills.

Following Instructions Has Never Been Easier

Even if your children are struggling to follow simple orders, when they start getting more engaged with video games, it will soon change because they have to follow rules and instructions to complete missions. Moreover, without following everything as stated, kids will have to repeat everything from start, and unless they master doing what they are told to do, they will not progress.

Making Quick Decisions in a Split Second

As your kid plays fast-paced games, it will become more evident that they are able to make quick decisions on the spot. However, this does not mean that after a few games they can solve equations without a cinch, on the contrary, it will only allow them to assess situations faster and with more precision. Bear in mind that their brains will have increased cognitive processing powers, but it will not necessarily grant them the ability to think at a higher level.

Your Kids’ Motor-skills can improve a lot

Hand-eye coordination becomes more coordinated for your kid once they start playing more demanding games, and over time you will notice their motor skills are improving rapidly. Furthermore, they will be better at some things even without having any previous experience before, thanks to getting to know the concept and functionality from games. However, practicing video games will not be a substitute for some activities, but it can be a great way to boost confidence and to gain some background knowledge.

Can Your Kid Get Smarter?

Overall, your children will have an easier time learning as they will be aware of more things around them, and by simply using more of their cognitive functions. Video games will improve and boost their different intelligence centers making it less stressful to deal with new situations, and to be able to quickly cope with logically demanding tasks. Ultimately, completing challenging puzzles and riddles will have a good effect on not just their cognitive skills, but on their memory as well.

Being Able To Research More

You should never condone your children to cheat, and they should be able to figure out alternatives when they are stuck, not only in a game, but in real life as well. However, sometimes they need a push towards the right answer. With many poptropica walkthroughs available it will be good reading to find hidden secrets. Moreover, children will have an easier time finding some tips on how to become better at poptropica, and how to improve their gaming overall. Just make sure not to go overboard, because too much of it could ruin the game.

Do not blindly assume that playing video games is bad for your kids, but only if they are playing for hours on end. Though, encourage mindful and careful gameplay, because that way you will be helping them develop a sense of responsibility and still have enough time to enjoy the game. Moreover, always keep an eye out to play age appropriate games, so that they do not accidentally see or experience something they should not have. Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun, and if your kids have earned, let them enjoy it for a little while.

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Do you allow your children to play video games? What is your child’s favorite game?

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