Watching my Daughter Soar

I went to watch my daughter perform with the marching band this evening and she inspires me alot.  It is amazing that she is able to not only march but she plays the clarinet.  I know you are thinking that I am just another proud parent, which I am, but she was born with a bilateral hearing loss.  Many people would think that it would be impossible for someone with a hearing loss to even consider playing in the band.  In fact, I was unsure of her abilities when she first aspired to learn how to play an instrument.  She spent countless hours this summer to prepare for marching season and she is so dedicated.

My husband and I were discussing at the game tonight, how amazing it was for her to be able to march and play the clarinet.  My daughter has an interpreter at school that signs to her during all of her practices, class time, and at all after school activities.  The interpreter makes sure that she understands what the band director is saying.  My daughter sometimes has a hard time hearing when there is a bunch of background noise.  The interpreter steps back when she is performing in a concert or on the football field.

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