When a Family Member Endangers Your Child’s Safety: How Well Do You Know the People Around You?

Image: Pixabay

When you have children, your perspective changes and you care about their safety above all else. From the type of baby bottles and diapers you use to the people who you allow around your children, you are choosing the best. You never want to contact seasoned sex crimes attorneys because someone mistreated your child.

Do You Really Know Who is Watching Your Child?

Due to a lack of money, many families rely on relatives to babysit their children while they are at work. Because many grandparents are also working, the relative could be an unemployed cousin or distant relative.

As with anyone who is going to be caring for your kids, you should do a background check on them. Even relatives have prison records or have done something unlawful or illegal. Just because they are related to you or your spouse, doesn’t mean they are a good person. And not everyone in the family is going to be willing to tell you about something that you should know before leaving your most precious gifts, your children, with them.

What is Danger?

Everyone has a different definition of danger. What is acceptable to your sister or other family members, may not be what you deem safe for your child. Although it is a universal law, always put your child in a car seat, not everyone is going to abide by this law. Know what your child caregiver is going to hedge on and what they will not move on. Make your wishes known as to what you will not allow for your child and what is acceptable. Be willing to go over the rules many times during a year to keep your child safe. 

Trust Your Child

When it comes to telling you something is wrong, trust your child. They do not lie for the sake of lying. Even the youngest children can tell you something is wrong with the way they react when you leave them with someone that may not treat them with kindness. A baby will cry and try to get away from someone who is abusing them. A toddler will say their tummy hurts or cry out if they see someone who is mistreating them.

Trust Your Gut

Someone who is watching your children, and abusing them, will tell you they are not doing anything, that your child is making up stories or that your child is lying. But you know, as their parent what they are going through. You give them a bath and can tell if something is not right on their body.

You will know when your child is not acting like themselves when they are around certain people. Listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right or look right, remove your child before you can get to the bottom of the issue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Do not be afraid to say “no” to a relative and make a change to protect your children. You may need to take a few days off work and do some homework on other types of daycare providers, but it will be worth it to protect your children from harm.