When looking for a Children’s Sofa or Chair – What to Look For

Image: Pixabay

Children’s sofas and chairs are magnetic to children. They’ll love the idea of furniture made for them. But what should you look for when searching for children’s sofas or chairs? Here are the top things you as a parent should look for so that you find the right kid-sized furniture for your home.


Your child will love furniture that they can sit in, but you don’t want to get something that’s a perfect fit right now. That’s because the child will grow out of it before you get your money’s worth. Buy something that fits them now and for the next two or three years. The exception to this is when your child has younger siblings. Then a chair or couch that the first child will soon outgrow will be grown into by the next kid. In every other case, get a chair, table or sofa that is a little big but still safe for them to use. If they need your help getting onto it, then it is too big.


Children’s furniture needs to be durable. That’s why we’d recommend wood tables and chairs over plastic ones. After all, it is going to be hit by toys and flipped as it is climbed on. On the other hand, if the furniture looks flimsy, you shouldn’t bother with it because it will break the first time it is misused. And with kids, it will be misused. Consider the purchase of solid furniture an investment in your child’s safety. Just make sure the chair, table or couch is so large they can’t move it if they may want to move it. Then you don’t have to assist them if they want to move the chair from one side of Dad’s recliner to the other.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose children’s furniture that is easy to be cleaned. Heavy duty plastic chairs meet this criterion as long as it doesn’t have grooves or detailing that’s hard to clean. If you are buying plush chairs or child-sized sofas, choose ones with cloth that won’t absorb spills or trap dirt.

Patterns / Appearance

You may not have the room for a sectional sofa, but you probably have room for a child-sized sofa in the living room. You could even have the space for a fold-out child’s sofa that they’d love to take a nap on. The children’s sofa or chair should be something the child likes. This might be their favorite cartoon or storybook character. However, we recommend patterns and color schemes that won’t become outdated because they fell in love with a new fictional franchise. This is why a pink sofa or yellow one covered with flowers may be a better choice for a daughter, while neutral colors could work with either boys or girls. You may wow the kids by getting children’s furniture that is a smaller version of the adult furniture. For example, there are child sized recliners that look like adult-sized ones. Be careful of choosing child-sized furniture that matches the living room décor, since it becomes outdated when you replace the living room set.