5 Ways To Get Your Children to Help With the Household Chores

5 Ways To Get Your Children to Help With the Household Chores

Create Age Appropriate Chores for Each ChildWhen my daughter was born, I knew that I wanted to do things differently than my parents and I wanted to teach my own children the value of helping around the house.  Children are capable of doing simple chores and most of the time they are willing to help.  Giving your child small chores or tasks can help them learn life skills while teaching them responsibility.  Children want to feel needed and wanted; in fact, children who help with household chores are likely to feel as needed because they are contributing to the household chores.

Disclosure:  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and may differ from your opinions.

Make Cleaning Fun

Who said cleaning up has to be boring.  Try to make cleaning fun and something that the entire family enjoys doing together.  When you are cleaning up you can have races, sing songs, or come up with other creative ways to make cleaning fun.  Younger children often love singing ‘the clean up song’ while cleaning up, this is something that my son’s daycare does to get the children to help pick up the toys after playtime is over with.  Not only can be cleaning fun but if everyone is helping then the chores can be done quicker so that you can all spend time together doing something fun, like going swimming, watching a movie, ect.

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26 Responses

  1. Regina says:

    I give my kids an old grocery sack and have them have a contest to see who can pick up more ‘treasure’. That takes care of the trash they throw everywhere (paper that’s cut up).

    We then count how many books are on the floor as we put them away, count the cars, etc.

  2. I started my kids early with chores…with something as simple as putting away their toys after playing with them. This is a very good list/tips. Thanks!

  3. Lexie says:

    Great tips! I know that praising them definitely helps. They love recognition, especially for good things!

  4. Deborah says:

    Good information. You can get kids more involved if you make it fun. I think parents forget that sometimes. They’re so focused on getting their kids to just do the chore. I’ll have to share this with my son for my grandkids.

  5. Meli says:

    What an excellent way to teach children about life, a way to show them how they can be an important part of a family, show them they can be successful, give them support and encouragement. Thanks for the great information!

  6. My boys are 14 and 12, and they are pretty good with doing their chores. Each one has assigned chores, and they can’t play their video games until they are completed. You should see sometimes how they actually work together!

    • Christy says:

      That is great to hear that your kids work together. I have had to separate my older two kids because they argue or take too long to get a simple chore done.

  7. My mom always had chore charts, and they really worked with the 7 of us:)

  8. DelSheree says:

    These are great suggestions. Now that I’m out of school, we really want to do better with having the kids help out around the house. Your suggestion on a chore chart will work really well for us I think. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Don Purdum says:

    This is a great way to teach kids responsibility. We never gave our kids an option. They MUST do their daily assignments. We remind them you live here and contribute to the mess, so you get to help clean it. Period!

    • Christy says:

      I agree Don, thank you for sharing. Yes, as a parent if I cleaned up every mess my kids made then they would leave a mess when they are older. Then they would except someone else to clean it up. Which we all know that in the real world we have to clean up after ourselves at work and in public places. Cleaning up their messes wouldn’t teach them anything.

  10. Cleaning is one of the stressful task. If you have a right guide to do this task properly then It becomes easy and well way.Thanks for shared great tips for cleaning all the chores properly and in a well manner.

  11. Great tips! I also find that it helps to equate all this work to the Kiddo’s life later as well as to how it helps me out now. So it’s not just, “Mom’s making me do all this work for her benefit,” but, “I’m going to have to know how to do this in my own home someday soon, and when I help Mom out she’s less stressed and we can have more fun!”

  12. Chores are a constant battle for us. I struggle constantly with this with our school-age kids. Not sure if it’s the age or if I did something wrong! :(

    • Christy says:

      Robbie I highly doubt that you did anything wrong. Most children see chores as work, but as a parent we all know that we have to actually do work in life in order to have the things that we have.

      In our house, we have the kids do their homework first and then they have to complete their daily chore before they can even think about playing. I have two older kids and one does a load of laundry and I have my other child do a load of dishes/clean up dinner and kitchen detail.

  13. I would say if you would praise them that will really help have my own experience.

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