Bicycling is Great Exercise and the Entire Family Can Enjoy Exercising Together

Child Riding BicycleAs the weather has warmed up outside, I have noticed more children and teenagers in my neighborhood outside playing and riding their bikes, scooters, or skateboards.  I have noticed that the children in our neighborhood think that they own the road and aren’t always paying attention to traffic around them.  Sometimes they will even continue riding in the middle of the road even if they know that a car is behind them.  Eventually, they will move out of your way but you usually have to honk the horn at them.  I have also seen kids who are fairly young riding around the neighborhood without any supervision.  When I was growing up, I mostly road my bicycle on the sidewalk but most neighborhoods today aren’t adding side walks leaving no place but the road for children to ride their bikes.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and based upon my own experiences. 

Bicycling is Great Exercise and the Entire Family Can Enjoy Exercising Together

Bicycling is not only fun but it is a way for your child to increase their physical activity.  In fact, a bicycle can provide your child a full cardio workout without them even realizing it.  It can also help prevent childhood obesity.  A child naturally enjoys riding a bicycle and it is important to choose a bicycle that is easy for them to ride.  Bike riding is also a great family activity that the entire family can enjoy while keeping everyone in the family active and fit.  Before going on a bike ride, make sure that you and your child puts on sunscreen and drinks plenty of water to avoid heat related illnesses.  Take frequent rest breaks during long bike rides, especially, in hot weather.

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  1. rhonda says:

    This is a great idea. It is definitely something the entire family can enjoy, it’s healthy, and it’s a great way to help kids become mindful. They’ve got to look and listen and observe what parents are doing in order to be safe. Great article.

  2. Just bought my hubby a bike so we can enjoy biking with the kids. Now I am waiting for him to reciprocate.

  3. Pamela R says:

    last year I got on a bike for the first time in about 15 years!–SO much fun for the whole family.

  4. last year we bought bikes and upgraded our kids bikes from the little ones… the no sidewalk thing drives me bonkers; the area where we live finally is getting back to that ‘neighborhood’ feel, which, now includes sidewalks, but a lot of the homes built in the ’80’s were built without them.

    Thank you for sharing…

  5. I have yet to buy a bike for my son. What we have at home is a baby bike and his quad/ATV.

    • Christy says:

      Does your son wear a helmet when he is riding his ATV Rebel? I would think some of the same tips could apply to ATV’s except in the US ATVs aren’t allowed on the street.

  6. Lexie Lane says:

    It’s definitely a lot of fun! I’m trying to convince my hubby to buy me a beach cruiser and maybe something for my little guy. They have the new kind without pedals but I think they could still get quite a good workout with it.

  7. Don Purdum says:

    I appreciate that you’re writing about this. Kids today are playing video games too much and not spending enough time outdoors playing or riding bikes. When I was a kid (there it goes, lol…) we were always outdoors.

    • Christy says:

      Don I agree, I spent a lot of time outside when I was growing up. I don’t like my kids playing outside alone and I am a wimp when it comes to the heat. I will let them play on our street or where I can see them. I was allowed to go pretty much any where as long as my mom knew where I was going.

  8. TERRY says:

    I love riding bikes and believe in safety. helmets are not the law here but most wear them.

    • Christy says:

      I love when children are wearing a helmet. In fact, even though it is a law where I live most kids in the neighborhood don’t wear them. If my kids get on their bike, they must wear their helmet.

  9. Deborah says:

    My son, daughter-in-law and grandkids go bike riding some weekends. There’s a nice bike trail along the river in Tucson that makes it easy to bike ride. You don’t have to worry about kids in traffic. You do have to ride early because it gets hot quickly in Tucson.

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