Create a Well Disciplined Child From the Start

A mother begins a connection with her baby, while he or she is in the womb.  Any mother who has had a child can explain, that carrying a child is an amazing feeling.  Those first few kicks, jabs, punches, to getting hiccups several times a day, and those nights where you can’t get comfortable.  Once you have the baby, the real job as a parent begins.  This tiny human being is dependent on mom and dad to fulfill all of their needs.

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Create a Deep Connection with Your Child

Some children are easier to discipline than others.  Do you want to raise a child that listens to you and is well mannered?  Of course you do, who wants to have a out of control child tagging along behind you as you are frantically trying to leave the store because of their bad behavior.  William and Martha Sears came to the conclusion that “the deeper the parent-child connection, the easier discipline will be.” (Sears & Sears, 15)  It is important to begin developing a deep connection with your child once they are born, so that they quickly learn to feel secure, safe, and know that you are going to meet all of their needs.

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  1. Steph~ says:


    I SO value and appreciate ALL you do to help encourage and educate parents/families through your continued dedication to “uplifting familes” :) with your passion for helping others.

    This is such an important topic as sadly in today’s world it is unfortunately evident, from daily observations of out of control children everywhere we go, schools, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, movie theateres, any/all places we go, this is an important topic many parents may not have the confidence and/or or support to focus on/deal with.

    I also greatly value how you always build in tips for dad to be involved in all family matters, this is so important as we know; even in blended families, as you know, it is very important for dad’s to be involved with bonding with the children as otherwise trust is not built as you so well share in this article/all the EXCELLENT :) articles you write.

    Cheers to you for your 24/7 dedication to your family and all those you reach out to help. You are a daily blessing.

    With gratitude, Steph~ @ohmyjet :)

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