Tips and Suggestions to Overcome Witching Hour

Does Your Baby Leave Your Feeling FrustratedIs witching hour leaving you frazzled?   Most babies around two weeks to three months old, may experience episodes of crying spells during the evening hours and your baby will be inconsolable.  No matter what you try, nothing seems to calm your baby down and you can’t figure out what is wrong.  You will find that the normal things that calm your baby down are no longer working and you are left feeling frustrated.  When you begin feeling frustrated, it is important that you remember that this is just a phase that your baby is going through and that this will soon pass.

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Try These Tips and Suggestions to Overcome Witching Hour

Many parents try the usual things that normally calm their baby down; however, during witching hour most parents have no clue what else to try to help calm their baby down.  Try a few of these suggestions to attempt to calm your baby down so that you can get your baby to sleep.

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4 Responses

  1. Paulin says:

    This is a home remedy the women in my family have used on their babies for centuries and they all swear it works miracles. If your baby is going through the “witching hour” simply dissolve 1 strand of Saffron (just enough to turn the water a pale yellow) and 1 tbsp of sugar in 1/4 cup of warm water. Be sure to test the water to make sure it is at room temperature before giving your baby a pacifier dipped in this mixture. Do this a couple times and your baby is GUARANTEED to fall asleep.

    • Christy says:

      Thank you for the suggestion Paulin. Parents before trying this home remedy, please check with your child’s pediatrician, doctor, or health care professional before using this technique.

  2. Mama Carmody says:

    One more thing to add…sometimes babies can be over-stimulated. They my want to be laid down and left alone. Try laying them down on a blanket in the floor or maybe they would like to be laid in their bed. Just because baby wanted to be rocked last night, he/she may not want to be rocked tonight.

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