Our Newborn Photos of my Youngest son

14 Tips for a Stress Free DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

14 Tips for a Stress Free DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer, you can take your own photos. Pinterest has a ton of great examples and poses for you to choose from for your DIY Newborn photo shoot.

  • It is best to photo your baby naked, in a diaper, or you can even find some cute ways to bundle them up.
  • Natural light makes for the best photos: choose a room with a window or opt to take photos outside.
  • If you have a ton of props, try to set each one up before your start.
  • Make your own back drop and use different color of blankets, sheets, or even wrapping paper for different colored backdrops.
  • Simply clip the back drop on the back drop board so that it doesn’t fall down when you place your baby on the fabric or paper.
  • Use two couch cushions and a boppy (you can use a pillow, beanbag, or roll up several blankets into a roll) so that you aren’t photographing your newborn on the floor or unstable surface. The boppy will help you position your baby so that you can capture cute poses and prop them up.
  • If you are posing a naked baby, grab a plastic covering to protect your couch cushions and any props from getting wet. Your baby will more than likely use the restroom during the photo shoot.
  • Pull the blanket over the couch cushions and boppy.
  • Place your baby on the boppy and position them the way you want. When our photographer did my son, she put him down in a sitting position and then laid him down on his tummy. Then she adjusted his hands and placed them under his chin.
  • Don’t forget to grab a few photos with your baby’s siblings too.
  • When you are photographing your baby, never take photos that point up his or her nose.
  • Focus on the details of your baby. Take photos of their mouth, feet, tiny fingers, ect.
  • Turn off your flash before taking photos.
  • Have fun and try not to stress yourself out. Take plenty of shots and you are more than likely to get some great photos of your baby.

You Have Plenty of Time to Capture Your Own Newborn Photos Even If Your Baby Isn’t Cooperating

Most photographers will capture anywhere between two and four hours during a professional photo shoot but if you plan on doing your own you have time on your side in case your baby isn’t cooperating. You can even break up a photo shoot into several different sessions as your baby is sleeping and cooperative.

Keep Your Props Simple

If you are using some props, start off as simple as possible. Use items such as your favorite blanket, a few of your baby’s toys, blocks to spell out baby’s name, letters, chalk board, headbands, or a stuffed animal.

Some of my favorite shots from our photos included some very simple poses and enjoying some snuggle time with my baby.

Document Your Child’s Photo Shoot Using BB Blocks

One thing that I wish that I had when my youngest son was a baby, were stickers or blocks that told me how old my baby was when the photos were taken. My husband’s cousin takes professional photos, so when I came across BB Blocks, I instantly fell in love. They are simple wooden blocks that were designed to help parents document their child’s age in photos. Each set of blocks comes with 3 blocks (2 square blocks that offer number combinations and one rectangle block to display weeks/months/years). When I received these, they were an instant hit with my daughter. I was able to capture a cute shot of my youngest son and my puppy.

Disclosure: I received a set of BB Blocks to facilitate this review and all opinions are my own.

Example of BB Blocks

Did you hire a professional photographer to capture your child’s newborn photos?


3 responses to “14 Tips for a Stress Free DIY Newborn Photo Shoot”

  1. Pam Rote Avatar

    I love the BB blocks with the years…the baby in the front with the rest of the family behind is so sweet!! I know my kids were total opposites daughter was good -my son on the other hand we did 4 photo shots his first 16 months EVERYONE he’s crying!!!

  2. Jessica Avatar

    Great tips. I remember how stressful it was trying to photograph my first as a newborn. I wish I had read this then.

  3. Savannah Miller Avatar

    I had my oldest photos done by a professional. It cost way to much money so for my youngest I decided to do them myself. I saved a lot of money and my photos came out just as cute 🙂
    One of the thing I liked was being able to do it in my own time.