Our Newborn Photos of my Youngest son

14 Tips for a Stress Free DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

Our Newborn Photos of my Youngest sonDuring my pregnancy with my youngest son, I often browsed the forums on Baby Center.  My due date was towards the end of May so I was one of the last ones in the group to have my baby. During the last few weeks, I saw other May mommies posting adorable photos of their babies. I knew that I wanted to capture as many photos of my youngest son (he is my last baby and I wanted to cherish every moment). I feel like a terrible mom because I don’t have a ton of photos of my older kids. Digital cameras were very expensive when they were born so I had to use a camera with film.

If I used my own camera, I would have to wait until I have used all of the film on the roll and then had to wait to have them developed. Technology has come a long way and most people even carry a smartphone that has a built in camera. Today, I wanted to share some tips on how to take your own newborn photos.

When Should I Schedule a Newborn Photo Shoot?

Most professional photographers recommend that you take newborn photos before they are 10 to 14 days old. Babies typically sleep during a lot during the first few days of life and it makes photo shoots go smoothly. Plus, you can easily pose them in different positions without them waking up every time they are moved. A sleeping baby doesn’t need a pacifier in their mouth, cry, cross their eyes, flail their arms, or make weird faces.

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3 responses to “14 Tips for a Stress Free DIY Newborn Photo Shoot”

  1. Pam Rote Avatar

    I love the BB blocks with the years…the baby in the front with the rest of the family behind is so sweet!! I know my kids were total opposites daughter was good -my son on the other hand we did 4 photo shots his first 16 months EVERYONE he’s crying!!!

  2. Jessica Avatar

    Great tips. I remember how stressful it was trying to photograph my first as a newborn. I wish I had read this then.

  3. Savannah Miller Avatar

    I had my oldest photos done by a professional. It cost way to much money so for my youngest I decided to do them myself. I saved a lot of money and my photos came out just as cute 🙂
    One of the thing I liked was being able to do it in my own time.