20 Fun Ways to Teach Children Their Colors

20 Fun Ways to Teach Children Their Colors

20 Fun Ways to Teach Children Their ColorsDid you know that you can teach your child how to sort by color without spending a ton of money?  Look around your house and you can easily find a wide variety of items that you can use to teach your child their colors.  For example you can use cereal, gummy bears, articles of clothing, blocks, construction paper, and a variety of other object around your house.  Once you have gathered up the tools that you want to use, sit your child on the floor, in their high chair, or sit with them at the table.  Children enjoy learning through play time activities but you need to take into account that most toddlers have a short attention span.  If you find your child, uninterested after you have been playing for a short period of time move on to another task.  If possible, find several color sorting tasks for your child.


Why Is It Important to Teach Your Child About Colors?

Colors make up the world around us and it is the first thing that your child recognizes around them.  As your child points to an object, you can start teaching your child that it is a “color of the object”.  The sooner that you start teaching your child the names of the colors, it won’t be long before your child can start identifying the colors around him.  Children learn by repetition and you can turn anything into a learning opportunity.

Once your child can easily identify their colors, you should begin teaching them that there are different hues, shades, and variations of  each color.  You can find activities and games that allow your child to explore the different variations of colors.

20 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Their Colors

  1. Gather toy blocks and ask them to sort them by colors.  If you have the big Legos they contain the primary colors which is great for teaching toddlers about the primary colors.  I don’t recommend using smaller Legos with toddlers because they can put them in their mouth and accidentally choke on them.
  2. Get a box of Fruit Loops and several small bowls or paper plate.  Ask your child to put each color into a different bowl or on a paper plate.
  3. When getting your toddler dressed in the morning, allow them to pick out their outfit based on color.  I would hold up several shirts and told my son to pick out the color of shirt that he wanted to wear that day.
  4. Check out books from the library that can be used to teach your child to recognize colors.
  5. Get some flash cards.
  6. Print out some free online color by number printables and have your child color the picture using the correct colors.  This is an advanced concept so don’t be surprised if your toddler doesn’t grasp the concept until they master their numbers.
  7. Play with paint.  Put a small amount of two or three colors on a paper plate and allow your child to mix the colors.  You can also show them how to mix the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to make the secondary colors (orange, green, purple).
  8. Add food coloring to their milk.  Don’t worry the food color won’t affect the taste.  They can experiment and create different color of milk.  After they make colored milk, you can discuss the color that you made.
  9. Sort the craft pom poms by color.
  10. Allow your child to play with different colored pipe cleaners.  You can allow them to use a colander or make a homemade color sorter using recycled materials.
  11. Dye pasta different colors and allow your child to sort them by color.
  12. Make a color train.  You can show your child how to sort different shades of colors starting from light to dark.
  13. Buy colored paper clips and muffin liners or coffee filters.  Have your child sort the different color of paper clips into the respective muffin liner or coffee filter.  These can pose a chocking hazard in younger children.
  14. Cut strips of construction paper length wise.  Glue the ends together to create different color links.  You can hang this as garland and you can have your child tell you the color of each link.
  15. Go outside on a nature walk and find different colored items.
  16. Ask your child to help you sort the laundry.
  17. Get a plain piece of paper and draw different colored circles using crayons or makers.  Have your child sort the colors and put them into the appropriate circle  You can use fruit loops, gummy bears, m&ms, or craft pom poms.
  18. Get a muffin tin and allow your child to sort a variety of objects by color.
  19. Recycle an egg carton and allow your child to sort objects by color.
  20. Buy Popsicles from the store and have your child identify the color of each Popsicle.


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What is your favorite way to teach children about different colors?


13 responses to “20 Fun Ways to Teach Children Their Colors”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these ideas! My daughter is learning colors now and I can totally see her using some of these. I think the lego idea would be perfect — legos are her favorite toy!

    1. Christy Avatar

      I am glad that this post was helpful for you and your daughter. We used gummy bears one afternoon. I had him even tell me which one was different out of the bunch. He didn’t quite get that concept yet.

  2. Corinne Avatar

    These are all great ideas. I really like the idea of dyeing pasta and using egg cards and muffin tins to sort.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I haven’t tried dying pasta but it looks like so much fun. My mother in law made colored rice last year, it was so pretty looking.

  3. Debbie McCormick Avatar

    great ideas 🙂 My youngest is 5, and past the color teaching phase, but I remember many times sitting with her sorting M & M’s. She loved that quiz, because she got to eat them!

    1. Christy Avatar

      Food is great because they can munch on it while they are busy learning. Thank you for stopping by Debbie.

  4. kristen visser Avatar
    kristen visser

    i love these idea!! thank you so much for sharing them! i am always wanting to try something new with my daughter and now we have a bunch of new things to try 🙂

    1. Christy Avatar

      I hope that your daughter enjoys these new activities, thank you for visiting Kristen.

  5. Patchimals Avatar

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  6. Judy Parzych Avatar

    Great ideas! For slightly older children, show them how to begin a color pattern and see if they can extend it. Growingmindsproject.blogspot.com

  7. Danielle K Avatar

    Great ideas! I love the fruit loop sorting one – so easy to do and would make a fun breakfast time activity 🙂

  8. Priceless Writers Avatar

    Teaching colors are so much fun..that's one of my favorite things to do because I am very much into color myself. I love art-related crafts.

  9. Karon Avatar

    Lots of great ideas here. We used several of them, too, and I always looked for new ways to introduce colors to them.