Childhood Asthma Inforgraphic

3 Ways to Help Your Child with Childhood Asthma + Infographic

My oldest son struggle with severe allergies and mild asthma as a child. I remember one afternoon he was struggling to breathe so I called his doctor to get an appointment. If you have ever had a young baby, that had a horrible runny nose and was breathing rapidly that they are usually very miserable.

Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes only. If your child is struggling with asthma, please talk to your health care provider. My doctor recommended trying the suggestions below and your doctor’s opinions may differ.

When I got him in to see the doctor, she immediately noticed that he was wheezing. She decided to give him a breathing treatment to see if it would improve his breathing. Putting a mask on a young baby isn’t pleasant but I knew that it was going to help him. He was fighting to get the mask off his face. My poor baby was so miserable that day. Thankfully, the breathing treatment helped clear out his lungs and was able to send him home with medication including an inhaler. He struggled with childhood asthma for the first two years of his life. As he has gotten older, his body is now able to fight off most allergens except when pollen counts are super high.

Now that he is older he still has mild asthma especially when he exercises outside during the spring and fall. His asthma is triggered by allergies and has to use a rescue inhaler before working out. This seems to help ward off any major problems so that we don’t have to rush him off to the doctor for breathing treatments.

Add a Humidifier at Nighttime

I always found that adding a humidifier at night also helped especially during the late fall/winter time when the heater was running. The humidifier would add the right amount of moisture into the air and it helped him breath at night. Don’t forget to change the humidifier filter too.

Prop Up the Head of your Child’s Crib or Bed

We also propped his crib up so that his head was higher than his feet. I stuck two old phone books underneath the mattress in his crib. You can add a pillow or folded blanket under the mattress. Just never add anything in the crib with your baby. A young baby could accidentally suffocate especially if they are on a pillow.

Add an Air Purifier to Your Home

Also, if you or your child suffers from indoor allergies, an air purifier or air scrubber can help clean the air inside of your home. There are a ton of air purifiers on the market to choose from. Before purchasing one, check out my reviews for the best air purifiers for asthma.

A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Asthma Infographic

Childhood Asthma Inforgraphic


Does your child suffer from asthma? What do you do to try and prevent asthma attacks?

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    Those are all great tips. I’m glad none of my kids have asthma. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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