4 Alternative Ways to Discipline Your Toddler or Young Child

Distraction Gives Your Child A Toy or Activity That is Safe for Them

You child will likely do something that gets on your nerves at some point; however, the behavior doesn’t warrant punishment.  Getting your child to stop doing the thing or things that you or someone else finds annoying, the best thing you can do is to pick your child up and find them an activity that they are allowed or can do.  This method of discipline is known as distraction and can be used to effectively remove them from the situation so that you can clean up their mess.  This method of discipline isn’t effective for repeat offences or serious behavior issues.  For example, if your child is getting into the movies under the TV  and you have asked him or her repeatedly to stop.  Go over to your child and pick them up.  Find an activity or a toy that they can play with.

Pick Your Battles – Sometimes Ignoring Is Enough To Seize Your Child’s Unwanted Behavior

Picking your battles and ignoring your child’s unwanted behaviors can be an effective form of discipline.  If you choose to use this technique, make sure that your child is safe and isn’t going to be harm themselves or others in the process.  This form of discipline is great to use for temper tantrums (those times when your toddler has a meltdown and throws themselves in the floor), when you catch them repeating a word you said (often times it was a bad word), or fighting with siblings (as long as they aren’t duking it out and harming each other).  Your child will realize that you aren’t going to react to their behavior or aren’t going to make a big deal about their behavior. When they realize they aren’t going to get the negative attention that they are seeking, they quickly stop.

Setting Realistic and Fair Consequences Can Be an Effective Form of Discipline for Your Toddler

Set up realistic consequences for your child so that when your child misbehaves they begin to learn the cause and effect for the actions that they choose.  This method of discipline can be very effective and it allows you to use “If-Then” statements to help them choose an action.  If they continue the unwanted behavior then they lose the privilege or toy.  If they choose to obey then they can be rewarded for choosing the correct action.  Don’t make life too comfortable for them or else when they are older they won’t take consequences seriously.  For example, if your child won’t pick up his or her toys off of the floor, then tell your child that they can’t watch Dinosaur Train today.  If you choose to use this method for discipline it is important that you are fair and consistent with your child.

Finding a method of discipline that works on your child can be tricky for parents.  It is important that you remain consistent with your discipline efforts.  Do what works best for your child and stick with it.

What type of discipline do you prefer to use on your toddler or young child?


2 responses to “4 Alternative Ways to Discipline Your Toddler or Young Child”

  1. Teddy (@MultitaskMomma) Avatar

    I love this post and I completely agree with your part of it, I have to use so many methods with my daughter because sticking to one has never worked, truthfully I still haven’t figured out a good one.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree I have to vary up my discipline methods as well. If one isn’t working, I try something else.