5 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Boast their Confidence

5 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Boast their Confidence

5 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Boast their Confidence

When you are pregnant the first time you do not imagine you would soon lose your sense of style and would not care less about your appearance. That is what you were being told by your more “experienced” friends, though you have always been very conscious about yourself. No way that this could happen. Never! Reality hits when you enter the third trimester, give birth and have a baby. You are probably no longer in your groove. Most of the times, however, the new mom is not out of fashion because she wants it that way, but because she is usually way too tired and does not have any time to spend on herself.

What they do not realize is that they do not need too much of time to look presentable. If you belong to this club, read on. These basic tips will help you maintain a sense of fashion and look good even with no time to manage your style.


You do not necessarily have to spend hours on your makeup but you should do it to enhance your features and hide those dark circles you have been developing lately. Everyday makeup routine can include a BB cream, powder, blush, mascara, and lip gloss or lipstick. This should suffice for daily wear and while it would not take more than around 10 minutes, you will feel more self-confident for the whole day. If you have an extra minute you could dress up your nails as well and with a nice top coat, such as SecheVite Dry Fast Top Coat, you do not even have to wait for your nails to dry before continuing with your activities.


You may want to splurge a bit in this area once and make your life easier. Consult a hairstylist regarding the kind of hairstyle you can sport. It is understood that you may not have enough time to do much more than tie up a ponytail. Go to a hair stylist and they’d give you suggestions based on your face cut and hair, depending on what suits you. Maybe they would suggest you to get a bob cut which would be so much easier to manage. Or they could treat your hair to straighten them so they would look fine even without a blow-dry. You can watch Kintsugi Hair review and see their tips on getting perfect straight hair with their great product range.  But if you are the kind to love those waves in your hair and yet do not have the time for a blow-dry , a very common alternative being used by women is to shower the night before, dry their hair only slightly, leaving some damp in them, comb them out and tie them up in the know. When you wake up and untie your hair they will have those beach waves you wanted.

Dry Shampoo

Admit it, you may not be getting the time to shower every single morning. What with your kid(s) not leaving you alone and the additional work you need to do, not to mention that getting up early is no longer an option considering that you are already sleeping too late. In such cases dry shampoo comes in very handy, leaving your hair smooth without requiring you to do much.

Perfect Shoes

Accent your outfit with a great pair of shoes. Organize your shoes according to the type: ballet flats, stilettos, short heeled pumps, wedges, platform heels, and so on. This will make it easier and quicker for you to decide what you want to wear according to the dress you are going to put on. For night outs you might want to sport high heels while for a grocery run you may prefer the more manageable ballet flats.


Include some necklace or bracelet with your outfit and you are good to go. Accessorizing sure makes a huge difference to your appearance. Consider wearing a plain tank top and denim jeans. Alone it would look way too simple and anyone could make out the lack of attention you give to your dressing. But, throw in a statement necklace, or maybe a light jacket or scarf over it, and your style completely changes. You could also carry a pretty bag, big enough to keep all you mom supplies. But remember, you just have to enhance your outfit and add a pop of color, not make it feel overwhelmed. Check out this very simple outfit from Sophie & Trey, with only a statement necklace.

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Which of these tips will you implement into your daily routine?

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