5 Make-Up Essentials for Teenagers

5 Make-Up Essentials for Teenagers

5 Make-Up Essentials for TeenagersI have never been much of a girly girl when it comes to wearing make up. I will wear make-up occasionally but I have always believed in natural beauty. Plus, I don’t like spending hours upon hours in front of the mirror primping. My daughter on the other hand started wearing make-up around the age of 12 and she knows how to spend some time in front of the mirror.

When I first started allowing my daughter  to wear make-up, I opted to  buy her natural looking products and would let her wear a small amount of make-up to school. However as she has grown up and is turning into a young lady, I don’t comment on her make-up  very often as long as it doesn’t look too extravagant for school. Today, I wanted to share my daughter’s five favorite make-up essentials.


My daughter has naturally beautiful hazel eyes, they are a greenish blue,  and amazing eye lashes. When I started using coupons to get cheap make-up, she asked me to get her some mascara. I personally was never a fan of using mascara because I never could put it on correctly without getting it all over my face or clumping up on my eye lashes. On the other hand, my daughter is a natural and can put on mascara like a pro. The mascara always made her lashes look even longer and more defined.

Eye Lash Curler

One afternoon while at the drug store, my daughter noticed the eye lash curlers and asked me to get her one. If you haven’t seen an eye lash curler before, it looks like a funky contraption that isn’t supposed to be any where near the eyes. When I was contacted by Crave to test out an [amazon_link id=”B00EYSNWXG” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Whip Lash Eye Lash curler[/amazon_link], I jumped at the opportunity since my daughter has been wanting one for a very long time. I remember the day I received it in the mail, she smiled really big and said, “thank you mama.” She immediately took it out of the box and applied a fresh coat of mascara and tested out her new toy. As she sat there curling her lashes, I sat there patiently waiting for her to show me her new eye lashes. I didn’t think her eye lashes could look even more defined and beautiful. Her eye lash curler is now her favorite accessory.

Eye Liner

I personally never learned I allowed my daughter to wear a small amount of eye liner when she first started wearing make-up. Over the years, she has developed her own style and uses black eye liner to define her eyes. I am thankful that she is artistic and can figure out what enhances her facial features and doesn’t over do it.  I never really learned how to properly put on eye liner so I wear mine a bit different than my daughter wears hers.

Eye Shadow

I highly suggest that you start your tween/teen daughter off with a small amount of eye shadow. You can find light colors that can be used to define the eyes without looking like a clown wearing make-up. I remember my daughter’s first attempts, we ended up sending her back into the bathroom to redo her make-up. Practice makes perfect and let your daughter play with her own style. Since I am not into make-up, I let my daughter look at some of my fashion magazines.

Lip Gloss

My daughter loves to put lip gloss on her lips to keep them from drying out and give them a bit of shine. There is no need for your teenage daughter to wear a bunch of wild lipstick especially when they first start wearing make-up for the first time. If they want to add a splash of color, they have some colored lip gloss on the market. It adds just a touch of color without being over powering.

If you are introducing make-up to your tween or teenager for the very first time, it is important that you talk to them about washing their face and teach them about make-up safety.

What age did you start letting your tween or teenage daughter to wear make-up on a regular basis?



3 responses to “5 Make-Up Essentials for Teenagers”

  1. Rebecca Swenor Avatar

    These are all great makeup essentials for teen girls. When I was a teen I just used eyeliner and some eye shadow along with lip gloss. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kero Pinkihan Avatar

    great guide! I will pass this on to Mom girlfriend who is trying to carefully introduce personal style to her teen daughter

  3. April - My Bizarre Family Avatar

    I started letting my daughter wear makeup around the same age as well. She is getting very good at it, but it has been hard to convince her that less is better.