5 Things that Stress Your Child Out


As a parent, you may not realize that there are things in your child’s life that will stress him or her out. For the most part, this usually involves some major life-changing event, but little things can also be hard for them to deal with. Although your child’s stressors can be related to anything, the following are a few five things that could be stressing your child out.

  1. Growing Pains

As adults, we often forget about the many childhood growing pains we endured and how awful it felt. For instance, a young child growing molars could be in pain, and this could wear them out. Children going through puberty are also stressed because they cannot control their bodies changes. Be sure to talk with your child’s pediatrician to discuss any pain they may be having and learn how to best address it. Once your child has relief, they can experience more relaxation.

  1. Moving

Moving can always be stressful for children, especially if it means moving far away from friends. When you are moving, try to make it as comfortable for your child. Reassure them about the benefits of the new move, and find ways for them to keep in touch with old friends. You can also do something special, such as allow them to pick out the paint color of their new room or buy them new bedroom furniture. To help keep your child calm, try to keep them from being involved in the move. Movers can help the process by doing the packing and moving for you, so your child doesn’t have to be surrounded by boxes and constantly live the stress.

  1. Divorce

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, your child will be stressed about it. Children often think divorce is their fault, and they will feel guilty. Children will often also resent the parent whose choice it was, and this can cause stress and acting out. If you are going through a divorce, be sure to talk openly with your child and provide them with the therapeutic help they need. If possible, make sure that both parents are still involved in the child’s life, and never talk poorly about the other parent in front of the child. This will only make the situation worse.

  1. School

When your child has trouble in school, it will be stressful. Maybe your child has problems with other children at school, or maybe they are struggling with homework. Whatever the reason, be sure you take action. Talk with your child’s teacher about the situation. Maybe the teacher can move your child’s seat if they are being bullied by someone, or maybe they can address the bullying with the bully. If it’s work-related, maybe your child’s teacher can provide you with the name of a good tutor. When your child is more comfortable, it will reduce their stress.

  1. You

You don’t realize it, but your child will react to you and your demeanor. If you are always stressed out, yelling, or angry, it will also stress your child out. He or she will not know how to act around you, and it may make them scared to be around you too. The last thing any parent wants is to be the reason their child is stressed, so be sure to do something about it. If you are stressed about work, make sure you leave work at the office and don’t bring it home. If you are stressed about something else, then find a way to reduce stress, whether through exercise, talking to someone, or anything else that will help you.


Your child is very important to you, and the last thing you want for them is to be stressed. If your child is going through any of the above, be sure to be there for him or her and help them get through it.







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  1. Veronica Mitchell Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this! It is very important to be aware and attuned to our children’s emotional well-being. And #5 is on point! It’s also important to remember that we affect our kids and taking care of our own mental and emotional health is a key factor in helping our kids feel happy.