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6 Secrets to Making Your Kid People Smart

Do you want your kids to be able to interact with others? Technology has drawn older children into their own little world and teens or young adults are having a difficult time handling difficult people and situations because they haven’t been taught these important social skills. Parents should begin teaching children how to deal with people and difficult situations as young as possible. Today, I wanted to share some tips from Aby on how to make your kids people smart.

You’ll likely get the most satisfaction out of parenting when you know you’ve raised smart kids. Smartness does not only pertain to acing school work. Of course, you’ll want your kid to achieve his maximum potential by being people-smart, too. What does being people-smart mean to you?

People-smart kids have the ability to relate well to others, particularly, their peers. Relating well with others may seem easy for you to do, but this may not always be the case for your kid. Guiding your kid every step of the way in achieving this goal is crucial to achieving successful end results.

Praising Does Make Difference

Playing With Your ChildBoost kids’ confidence by praising them appropriately for goals well-accomplished. An article in Open Education indicated that Zweck’s research revealed intelligence praise paves the way for a goal-setting mindset, more than a pat on the back does.

Spending quality time in playgrounds and observing your kid learning how to take turns with others will do more than enough to boost your kid’s confidence. He will feel he’s done the right thing in dealing with his peers after he gets your approval. As a result, he will feel even more motivated to behave what’s accepted socially, and gain more friends.

Praise your kid when he successfully accomplishes a simple task during play, such as using the seesaw with little help. Your kid will feel confident about himself after he sustains a great image in front of his friends, by being aware he’s done something positive.

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Encourage Role-Playing

Role Playing with Your ChildUse playtime to your advantage by bonding with your kid. In the long run, you’ll find you’re able to get to know your kid on a higher level.

Ask your kid to picture the ways he would want his friends to treat him. Thereafter, enact the scenario your kid has in mind in a pretend play together with his friends. Playgrounds make the best venue to do this. Your kid may enhance his role playing experience with the help of different equipment on the playground.

Make kids sociable through playground play and by making situations more realistic to them. Subsequently, after the role-playing, you may then let your kid enact what he had in mind with his friends in an unguided setting. Let him practice his social skills independently. But, you should make sure you’ll be there immediately to guide your kid in case there will be a need to do so.

If your kid is not successful in his first try in being people-smart, give him helpful tips to rectify his mistakes. Motivate him to keep trying and never give up.

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2 responses to “6 Secrets to Making Your Kid People Smart”

  1. Carla Avatar

    I think taking kids to different places is super important. Especially if you home school (my daughter does). Interaction with others is essential.

    1. Christy Avatar

      I agree Carla, it helps explains different cultures. I would love to take my kids to another country one of these days just so that they can understand the different way things are run, how different the people may think or do thinks, and just to help them realize how good they actually have it in the US.