7 Cloth Diaper Accessories

7 Must Have Cloth Diaper Accessories #SnuggyBaby

7 Cloth Diaper Accessories

Do you use cloth diapers? This is something that I really wish that I did with my youngest son. Cloth diapers have come a long way since I remember my grandmother using them on some of the kids that she baby sat. They were ugly, white cloth diapers that had to be fastened with those huge safety pins. Then you had to cover them with those hideous plastic pants and if you are lucky it handled the mess.

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Today’s cloth diapers are so cute and they are far more absorbent because you can customize the cloth diapers to suit your child’s needs. If you are new to cloth diaper, there are plenty of great resources such as Kelly’s Closet or Cloth Diaper Addicts that can help you get started.

If you decide to cloth diaper you will need to invest a few accessories to make cloth diapering easier for you. I hope that you enjoy your baby wearing those cute cloth diapers.

Wet Bag

A wet bag is a must have if you are cloth diapering on the go or even at daycare (you probably need a large wetbag to hold 4 to 7 diapers a day). The wet bag allows you to store soiled diapers on the go. Wet bags come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. I highly recommend the Snuggy Baby wet bag and they come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. You can buy Snuggy Baby Wet bags on their website or on Amazon.

Even if you aren’t cloth diapering, you can use a wet bag during potty training too. I wish that I had this about a month ago because my son had his first accident in a very long time (it wasn’t his fault b/c he was constipated which is another post another day). I had to toss it in a plastic sack and deal with the mess once I got home.

Also, you can also use a wet bag at the swimming pool too especially if you change clothes immediately after getting out of the pool.

Here is a photo of the one that I received. It is huge and I absolutely loved the pattern. I plan on using this the next time we are at the swimming pool since I no longer have a need for a wet bag in our house. 🙂

snuggy baby wet bag

Diaper Pail

You will need a diaper pail at home to store all of your soiled diapers unless you plan on doing laundry on a daily basis. Most moms that I know that cloth diaper, usually go several days between washing their cloth diapers. If you don’t want to do a diaper pail, you can use a regular trash can that has a lid or use a large wet bag.

Cloth Wipes

If you are using cloth diapers, you probably want to use cloth wipes as well. I suggest that you get 20-30 wipes for your stash so that you can wash them with your cloth diapers. You can either use a [amazon_link id=”B00E570Z72″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ]cloth wipes solution[/amazon_link] or use plain water on your babies bottom.

Cloth Diaper Detergent

Cloth diapering is a bit different from the old days and it is important that you follow the manufactures directions when it comes to washing your cloth diapers. Before tossing those stinky diapers into the washing machine, you want to make sure that you rinse as much solid material off of your cloth diaper especially if your using formula or your child is eating solids. Melissa Mendez, a contributor at Cloth Diaper Addicts suggests that you rinse all of your cloth diapers including urine saturated diapers in order to prevent ammonia build up and never leave the diapers sitting in a wet pail (like your grandmother did).

Many moms also purchase detergent that is made specifically for washing cloth diapers. It is true that most cloth diaper manufactures recommend that you use a detergent that doesn’t contain enzymes, fabric softeners, whiteners, brighteners, fragrances or bleach. Also, skip the free and clear and baby detergents on your cloth diapers. You need to make sure that you rinse your diapers a second time to make sure that all of the detergent has been removed from your cloth diapers.

Diaper Sprayer

This is a useful tool especially if you plan on cloth diapering long term. A diaper sprayer can easily be attached to your toilet and make rinsing out your cloth diapers so much easier. Plus, it saves you from having to dunk your cloth diapers like your grandmother did to removed as much soiled material as possible.

Cloth Diaper Cream for Healing Diaper Rashes

Chances are if you are using cloth diapers, the slimmer chance that your child will experience diaper rash because they are usually changed more frequently. However, if your child gets sick, is teething, tries new foods, or exposed to wetness long term (overnight), it is possible that they may experience a diaper rash from time to time. Before using just any diaper rash cream, you need to find one that is cloth diaper friendly. If you use a traditional diaper cream on your child’s bottom, it will potentially ruin your cloth diapers by clogging the fibers.

Clothes Line

A clothes line is a great way to dry your cloth diapers and make them last longer. The clothes line can either be outdoors or [amazon_link id=”B0000V09X2″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ]indoors[/amazon_link] depending on where you live. The sun is a great way to help remove set in stains that have set in from poo. Just make sure that if you are putting your cloth diapers outside in the direct sunshine that you make it doesn’t damage the waterproof PUL and elastic in the many of the cloth diaper shells.

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Did you use cloth diapers on your children? What was your favorite accessory?

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7 responses to “7 Must Have Cloth Diaper Accessories #SnuggyBaby”

  1. MJ Avatar

    If cloth diapering was this cool was my kids were little I would certainly do it.

  2. becca Avatar

    where were all these yip when son was little. Oh right internet hand been fully functional then.

  3. Helena Avatar

    I second the two comments above and just really love all the suggestions you make about what to carry in a diaper bag!

  4. Shannon Stubbs Avatar

    If I had to choose our must have cloth diaper accessories, I think the only one we couldn’t live without is the wet bag. We have several {and always need more}. But making the switch to cloth wipes was an awesome change for us. So much easier than having to find a garbage for disposable wipes. We have never used a diaper sprayer here though but our laundry room setup works great for our cloth diapers.

  5. sangeetha menon Avatar

    informative post for all parents who are planning to cloth diaper. Cloth diapering is eco friendly and easier than people think.

  6. Ida Avatar

    I didn’t use cloth diapers with my children but I probably would have if I had known about products like this.

  7. Shonda Avatar

    Oh I remember my cloth diaper days. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We only used disposables on road trips. So many cloth diaper options these days.