7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wardrobe


A peek inside most closets would reveal that the majority of shoppers are not getting as much as they should out of their wardrobe despite having clearly invested quite a big chunk of their budget in putting the wardrobe together. Inefficient spending is unfortunately quite commonplace when it comes to most wardrobes, but it certainly does not have to be this way. Instead, applying the following seven strategies will allow you to save money on the clothes you buy while also getting more out of the clothes you already have.

Avoid Impulse Buys

Take a moment to peruse your closet while considering how much time and forethought went into each one of the items that reside there. It is quite probable that not much thought at all went into the kind of purchases that add up very quickly. Instead of shopping impulsively, simply make note of each item that strikes your eye and take the time to thoughtfully consider what that item will contribute to your wardrobe. If you feel it is something still worthy of a purchase, do some research to see if any online retailers carry the same item or a similar one that is not priced nearly as high.

Properly Store Your Clothes During the Off season

A perfectly good sweater stored improperly during the spring and summer is much more likely to be riddled with holes when it is retrieved once fall and winter roll around. Instead of replacing the sweater, just take the time to store your clothes in some type of protective bag or container during each off season. Canvas is a great material for this purpose, and vacuum-sealed bags allow you to conserve extra storage space.

Revive Your Jeans Instead of Replacing Them

A great pair of jeans should last quite a while, and there are plenty of options for reviving such a pair once they reach the point in which you feel replacement is necessary. It is remarkably cheap to have jeans dyed, and it is quite simple for a tailor to change the cut or style of the jeans so you can remain current with the latest trends. You can also take better care of your jeans through infrequent washing or by storing them in the freezer between instances in which they are worn.

Invest in Tailoring

A good tailor can work wonders with just about any item of clothing, and tailoring is much cheaper than you might expect. When an online retailer offers closeout sales with very little size selection, you can take advantage of the discounted price and then bring the item to a tailor to make it fit you perfectly. If you gain or lose weight, a tailor can resize the key items in your wardrobe so that they continue to fit you and therefore need not be replaced.

Don’t Wash Your Clothes So Frequently

Bear with us for a moment as we explain our rationale for making this particular recommendation. The quickest way to wear out your clothes to the point that they must be replaced is not through frequent wear; it is through frequent washing. Certain types of clothing items — jeans, sweaters, or anything made from wool — do not need to be washed after each instance in which they are worn. In fact, jeans become much more comfortable the more often you wear them between washes, so try to avoid washing some of your clothes so frequently; these items will last much longer and become much more cost-effective.

Put it in Neutral

Build your wardrobe with staple items in basic colors. By filling your closet with items in neutral colors, such as a Tobi black dress,you’ll have versatile pieces that will work for multiple occasions and will complement other pieces easily. Prioritizing your buys on a base color such as white or black will help you focus your wardrobe and reduce impulse purchases.

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Get to Know Your Online Retailers

It is still a surprise that more people do not take advantage of online retailers given the savings that are consistently available. While you may be concerned about purchasing an item online due to differences in sizing from retailer to retailer, it is worth getting to know the retailers that routinely offer quality clothing at prices that are nothing short of a bargain. Once you identify a retailer you trust, putting together a wardrobe becomes much more cost-effective and much more convenient than ever before. If you shop a lot at Macy’s, you can even use automatic discount apps to get Macy’s cashback.

If you are still hesitant about shopping for clothes through an online retailer, buy an item or two just so you can experience the quality of the material firsthand while also getting a sense of the way each item fits. You will probably discover that you can find fashion-forward yet cost-effective clothing options through an online retailer, and you can always return or exchange any items you order to ensure a better fit.






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  1. Anna Avatar

    Great tips! I know I try my hardest to re-wear my clothes a couple times before washing them – they’re really not dirty after one wear!