7 Kid Friendly Mocktails for New Year's Eve

7 Kid Friendly Mocktails for New Year’s Eve #newyearseve

7 Kid Friendly Mocktails for New Year's EveI can’t believe that tomorrow is New Years Eve. I love this time of year because it means more time to spend with the family and tomorrow night we are planning our traditional New Year’s Eve Bash. We always host our own New Year’s Eve party so that the kids have fun too. Plus, I am personally am not a huge fan of being out on the road late at night. Today, I wanted to share with you some fun mocktails that the kids can enjoy (big kids too who aren’t a fan of drinking alcohol).

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The Disappearing Mocktail

I saw this fun cocktail on The Tip Toe Fairy’s blog and wanted to share it with you. Stephanie is very creative and came up with The Disappearing Mocktail. It is an easy drink to make and the kids will enjoy it. You will need the following ingredients to make her fun drink idea: Cherry 7up, Cotton Candy, Colored Licorice or Vines, Colored Sugar Crystals and Corn Syrup. Simply dip the edge of of a plastic clear cup into the corn syrup and then dip into the sugar colored crystals. Add a handful of cotton candy and pour the Cherry 7up into the glass. Make sure that your kids are watching as the cotton candy disappears. Add a colorful licorice or vine into the cup and give it to your child. I plan on serving this to drink to my kids on New Year’s Eve. I even found the cotton candy in the Christmas isle 50% off. 🙂

Virgin Tequila Sunrise

This is an easy drink to make for the kids and it is a huge hit in our house. Simply fill a small plastic cup 3/4 of the way full with ice. Then fill the cup almost full with orange juice and then add a small amount of grenadine. Watch as the grenadine falls to the bottom of the cup. Garnish with a maraschino cherry or an orange slice. Stir the drink with a coffee straw and serve to your child.

Virgin Shirley Temple

I haven’t tried this one with my kids but it is a popular drink mix. You will need to following ingredients: 7-UP or Sprite, Jar of Maraschino Cherries. Simply fill up a small glass and fill with ice. Then fill the cup almost full with 7-up and add 1 teaspoon of juice from the maraschino jar or use grenadine. Then garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Cherry Limeade

This is one of my favorite drinks from Sonic but it is something that you can make at home for the kids (or for yourself). You will need the following ingredients: Sprite or Diet Sprite (for low-cal drinks), grenadine or cherry flavoring, and limes. Cut the limes into quarters. Fill a glass 3/4 of the way with ice. Then squeeze the limes over your ice. You will need 1/2 a lime for a 20 oz drink and a full lime for 44 oz drink. Then fill your cup almost full with Sprite and add a small amount of grenadine or cherry flavoring. Stir and enjoy!

Virgin Margarita

This is a classic drink and is very easy to make at home for your kids. You will need the following to make this drink: margarita mix (any flavor), ice, and straws. If you plan on making the margarita with crushed ice then you will need a good blender like the [amazon_link id=”B00939FV8K” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ]Ninja blender[/amazon_link] or a [amazon_link id=”B001W7UF7S” target=”_blank”  rel=”nofollow”]margarita/slush maker[/amazon_link] to mix the drinks.

Virgin Mojito

This is another popular drink that you can make for your kids. You will need the following ingredients: sprigs of mint, limes, lime juice, sugar, and club soda. If you have a high ball shaker you can use it to mix the drink if not you can just stir the ingredients together. Fill shaker with ice, 8 mint sprigs, lime juice, and sugar. Mix well and pour over a glass of ice. Then fill remaining glass with club soda. Garnish with a slice of lime and add 4 thin slices of lime to the drink. Mix with a straw and enjoy! Remove mint from drink if you have younger kids.

Blue Pixie Dust Lemonade

I found another fun cocktail on The Tip Toe Fairy’s blog and thought it would be fun for New Years Eve too. The Blue Pixie Dust Lemonade is a fun and easy drink to serve to the kids. You will need the following ingredients: 2 quarts of lemon aide, packet of blue mixed berry koolaid, heavy whipping cream, pina coloda fruit bars, ice, fun straw, and blue sugar crystals. Mix the lemonade and blue mixed berry koolaid together and chill in the refrigerator until it is cold. Dip the top of a plastic cup or mason jar into water and then dip into sugar crystals. Fill the glass 2/3 of the way full with ice and then add drink until it is 2/3 of the way full. Defrost the pina coloda fruit bar until it is mushy or fully defrosted. Then add the fruit bar to the drink. Next add 1 teaspoon heavy whipping cream and stir until it is mixed well. Top with 1 teaspoon whipping cream and add your fancy straw. Enjoy.

What is your child’s favorite drink on New Year’s Eve?



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