8 Ways to Maximize Your Teenager's Wardrobe

8 Ways to Maximize Your Teenager’s Wardrobe

8 Ways to Maximize Your Teenager's Wardrobe My daughter starts school next week and I haven’t had to the chance to take her school shopping yet. She has been super busy with band camp and she has not had much free time. Hopefully, this weekend we can do some last minute clothes shopping and I can find some great deals. I plan on taking her to the mall so that she can go to her favorite stores.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet with a personal stylist who took me shopping and today I wanted to share a few with you so that you can get your teenager some great additions to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. If your teenager is anything like mine, she is picky and she doesn’t always like the things that I like or she picks out things that I do not necessarily approve of her wearing. My daughter’s favorite stores are Kohls, Rue 21, and Forever 21.

Set  A Strict Budget

Before heading to the mall, you will need to determine how much money your teenager is allowed to spend on their back to school clothing. Even with great sales, it is better to stick to your intended budget to avoid overspending. Use the budget to teach your child how to maximize their money and help search for great deals. For example, if you give your teenager $100 to spend. In a typical store, your child should be able to walk out with a few outfits for that amount of money if they choose their clothing wisely.

When you are restricted by budget, coupons can come handy, with nordstrom promo codes you can good discounts and stretch that budget a little.

Make a List of Needs and Wants

Go through you child’s closet and determine what your child really needs before heading to the store. While you are doing inventory in your teenager’s closet, now is a great time to remove anything that is worn out or no longer fits. Put each one into a pile on the bed. As you are laying stuff out into a donate pile and trash pile, figure out what you need to replace and write it down on your notepad. Then take the list to the store and try to stick to the list as you are shopping.

Browse the Sale Ads

If you get the newspaper, you can browse the sale ads to determine who is having the best sales. Find stores that offer incentives or coupons can help you stretch your budget. There are now many discount websites available, hop over to this site for an example, to help you get the best deals on new clothes. If you are shopping online, take advantage of stores that offer incentives such as free shipping or rewards programs.

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16 responses to “8 Ways to Maximize Your Teenager’s Wardrobe”

  1. Michele Avatar

    Sounds like a great plan for anyone with a teen! Teens are hard to buy for to begin with.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes they are picky. 😉

  2. Holly Avatar

    Great tips. Budget is key for us.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, it is important to teach them about setting budgets so that they can operate a household when they are older.

  3. Mrs. AOK Avatar

    I think we can all use these tips! I certainly try to implement these for myself, too 🙂 I’ve picked up shirts and put them down if I think this won’t last long or if there’s a possibility my fur baby will ruin it.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, I am going to be more picky going forward.

  4. Christy Maurer Avatar

    I’m lucky that my son doesn’t care too much about clothes! He’s happy with Plato’s closet (a resale shop by us) or Goodwill!

    1. Pam Rote Avatar

      my daughter just was introduced to Plato’s Closet over the summer LOVES IT!!!!

    2. Christy Avatar

      I will have to check out Plato’s closet.

  5. Pam Rote Avatar

    I love the tip about wearing the top 4 ways. Before my daughter started school we did the pairing down the closet, we found she had an ABUNDANCE of tops that would still work-thank goodness for hoodies too because short sleeve T can be layered all year long. Her jeans however were almost all to short- She grew 3 1/2 inches over the summer! She did get to buy 2 new pairs and as for the rest we’re THRIFT STORE JUNKIES =D

    1. Christy Avatar

      I love pairing down the closet then you can really see what you have to work with. 😉

  6. Fathima Syedali Avatar
    Fathima Syedali

    Perfect ideas for everyone who has teenagers. And Yes, Mixing and matching clothing is a definitely great way to save your money. shopping is more fun when you do with a perfect plan on your own way, that too when you are going to try clothing. A well planned budget shopping could always save time and give us more pleasure.

  7. April - My Bizarre Family Avatar

    Great tips for the picky teenager! I think almost all teenagers are picky when It comes to their clothes. 🙂

  8. Jamie Avatar

    Great tips!! Our son has to wear a uniform for school, so we don’t have to worry too much about fads, etc. We’ve told him that if he wants certain things, he needs to save up and buy them himself! Clothes are too expensive nowadays and with a teenage boy, they only fit for what? a week? :p

  9. Courtney Lynn Howell Avatar

    Such great advice! While it will be a few years until my daughter is a teenager, these tips will DEFINITELY come in handy. I'll have to store them away and keep them for good use.

  10. Mitch Ryan Avatar

    I could use these tips myself. I never do any of these. I end up buying the expensive ones which really hurt my budget or buying the cheaper ones but regret it later. Thanks